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Or, if you’re not traveling, get a global experience by showing another traveler your home city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

We are so excited you want to join our inspiring community of women travelers! The first place to start is right here. Click the “join now” button to join our network for just US $7/month or $69/year. After that, you’ll be given access to our exclusive network of women where you can start browsing listings or offer yourself as a hostess.

How does it all work?

Right now, our program is very simple. All members can view the profiles of our global hostesses and see what they can offer and what they love about their cities. If you want to meet up with one of them, all you have to do is submit a quick request and one of our Wanderful team members will reach out right away to make an introduction to you and your hostess over email. In the future, we plan to automate this program, but for now, our goal is to make high-quality, purposeful introductions for you and your hostess. After that, it’s up to you and your hostess to coordinate travel details, take some fun pictures together while you’re on the road, and share your experience with us via a quick survey after it’s over so we can make the process even better for future travelers.

If you’re just looking for a quick tip, you can also opt to use our exclusive Facebook group for Wanderful members to help one another navigate their travel experiences. There’s nothing better than crowdsourcing your travel tips from an involved and passionate community of women travelers who have been there before you!

How do I become a hostess? What are the requirements?

Any member of the Wanderful community can become a hostess for other Wanderful travelers. To sign up, first join our trusted network for $7/month or $69/year. After that, you can opt in to do up to three things: provide tips about your hometown, meet up with other Wanderful travelers to show them your city, or host them in your home. Home hostesses can make money offering their space to travelers for an additional contribution.

I've got a tiny apartment. Can I still be a hostess?

Absolutely. Many of the women in our network are open to meeting up with other travelers and showing them a slice of their city even though they can’t actually host them in their homes. When you join, we’ll ask you to create a profile and identify what you’re able to offer when travelers come to your town. And if that situation ever changes, you can simply update your profile or let us know!

Is the program safe?

It’s important to us that every member of our network has an amazing experience with the Wanderful community. That’s why forming a trusted group of women is incredibly important to us. Everyone who joins is credit card verified and asked to create a profile with a picture to identify herself. In the near future, we will be adding required Facebook verification as well as an additional verification of a cell phone or other social media account like LinkedIn.

Of course, travelers must always exercise caution when meeting up with people they don’t know, no matter the situation.

Where is it offered?

The Wanderful community is international and we’re adding new members to our platform everyday. If you’re hoping to bring more women from your country into the community, consider sharing Wanderful with local publications and networks as well as social media.

I am a Wanderful superfan. How else can I get involved?

So, you’ve caught the bug! Don’t worry — so have 10,000 other women travelers around the world. If you’re looking to have more of a role with Wanderful, check out this page to see how you can start a chapter, join our influencer network, and more. Also, make sure you’re following Wanderful on Facebook and Twitter and inviting your traveling friends to “like” our page too!