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"If you’re a woman in the travel space, Wanderful is your family. I’ve never felt so welcomed, and so quickly, by a group of adventurous women who are eager to make lasting friendships and help one another."

Kelley LouiseBrooklyn, NY, USA

“Wanderful is a community unlike any other I’ve seen. It brings together women from all over the world for a common purpose: to share, teach, empower, mentor and grow. Travel can be difficult, especially as a woman, and especially if that woman is traveling alone. Having a network like Wanderful to go to for tips and to hear about others’ experiences is an important, encouraging tool for female travelers.”

– LiliNew York City, USA

“Wanderful is a spot for kindred spirits. Travel has become trendy…For some of us, however, travel is part of who we are. The Wanderful network gives women a place to share their experiences of what it’s like to BE a traveler, not just talk about a love of traveling.”

– MelindaMichigan, USA

“I have searched the ends of the internet and I have yet to find a group that not only supports travel but also encourages it. Discovering Wanderful is a sigh of relief and a squeal of excitement all at the same time. ‘Where have you been my whole life?’ is pretty much what went through my head. Luckily, now you are here.”

– StephanieCalifornia, USA


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