flight attendant

Confessions of a Flight Attendant

My fashion sensibility as a child could be summed up in two words: MATCH EVERYTHING. While I suffered through some terrible fashion choices as a teen, my real sartorial awakening came on my first ever flight. I became obsessed with flight attendant fashion: the scarves; the slightly askew tiny hats (that served no purpose); the kitten heels, the badges with tiny, gold-plated wings, and the matching mini-suitcases. From ages 10 through 13, all I wanted was a replica of Singapore Airline’s uniform.

If you’re wondering, the uniform is still pretty rad.

Now, as a mostly grown adult, I have surpassed my obsession with flight-attendant fashion but have gained the utmost respect for flight attendants themselves, so much so that I believe that The Next Karate Kid (part four in the series) should really be set on a plane.