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Student Debt? Move Abroad and Pay off Your Student Loans in These 5 Countries

It’s unsurprisingly tough to fulfill your wanderlust when you have rent, car payments, and student loans every month. Especially considering that, in 2014, the average American college student graduated with close to $29,000 in student loan debt.

But did you know that there is a way to travel the world while paying off your student loans?

Several countries offer working holiday visas to US citizens. These work visas are fairly easy to obtain, and are generally available to people aged 18-30 (with a few exceptions). Working your way around the globe is a great way to travel while paying off your debt.

Each country has specific requirements, but in general, you must be in good health, have no prior convictions, hold at least a high school diploma, and travel with no dependents.

Now the tough question: Where do you want to go?