vacation cutting

“Vacation Cutting” — A Terrible Misnomer for Female Genital Mutilation

“Vacation cutting.” I hate that term.

Placing the words next to one another is a contradiction. When I think of a “vacation,” my mind wanders into the direction of glistening gold beaches and marine blue waters with soft rolling ocean waves. I think of happiness and the comfort of a warm blanket.

The term “cutting,” however, does not make me feel pleasant. The negative connotation of the word brings up images of skin and scissors. Or maybe it was a knife. I’m not quite sure.

Put together, the term is used to describe the process of a young girl being taken out of her country of residence to have female genital cutting (FGC) or, as it is more commonly known, female genital mutilation (FGM) performed.

“Vacation cutting” happened to me.