Wanderful is the world’s #1 homesharing network
for women who travel.

We empower women to travel the world safely and confidently using a trusted and identify verified network of women across the globe.

Trusted, Identity Verified Homesharing

Traveling to a new place? Every member of the Wanderful network is there to help you, whether you’re looking for a few tips on your next destination or a cozy bed to rest in. Members can rent private rooms to one another for a fee, or take each other out for a cup of coffee or a friendly face at the airport.


Each member completes a two-step identity verification process, and may opt for a background check for enhanced safety. Learn more about our commitment to trust and security.

Real Face-to-Face Connections

The special part about Wanderful is we aren’t just a homesharing network: we’re a dynamic, global sisterhood of women of all ages who truly want to help each other travel the world.


Being part of the Wanderful community involves creating real, face-to-face connections with other women around the world both at home and abroad.

  • Our chapters connect locals and travelers together over brunches, workshops, day trips, and other events in order to build positive connections and lasting friendships.
  • Annual events like the Women in Travel Summit and Wanderfest rally our community together to build our network and grow our impact in the travel space.
  • Looking for someone to travel with? Join us on a small group trip where we focus on meaningful travel experiences in unique destinations.
  • A Thriving Community at Your Fingertips

    Whether or not you’re actively traveling, you can use Wanderful to make lasting friendships and indulge your travel bug both on- and offline.

  • Participate in invigorating discussions or research your next trip using the dynamic community in our global Facebook group
  • Read powerful stories written by our community members on the blog
  • Join live conversations on Twitter every second Wednesday of the month at 2pm ET using the hashtag #Wanderful to catch up on new travel topics and make meaningful friendships
  • Resources to support your journeys

    From “Women Traveling Solo” workshops given in cities worldwide, to monthly member webinars, wikis and workshops, we are constantly building more tools to help you travel safely and confidently — wherever your destination is next.

    Plus, you can help support a woman entrepreneur in a developing economy just by signing up as a member, thanks to our partnership with Womentum.

    See what our members have to say

    Are you Wanderful? If you are an inspired woman who loves to travel, you’re perfect for our community. Check out this amazing video of women travelers around the world declaring our travel manifesto. We love it and think you will too!

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    Our Mission

    To connect women travelers together by empowering them with the tools they need to go abroad and facilitating a trusted network that can help guide them in their journeys.

    Our Vision

    We are 15,000 engaged, curious women who use travel as the gateway for better global understanding. We believe that we can leverage our collective knowledge to help one another travel the world safely and confidently. Our biggest asset is each other.

    Our vision is to create a dynamic, powerful, and international sisterhood of women who are there for each other no matter where we are in the world

    Our Goals

    • Encourage women to travel safely and confidently
    • Connect international women travelers together
    • Increase visibility of women who travel solo
    • Encourage diversity in travel and highlight how our varying identities intersect as we move through the world
    • Connect women with valuable products, services, and online discourse that can help them in their global adventures
    • Support women who build careers in travel and increase the pipeline of female travel entrepreneurs and digital influencers
    • Challenge traditional definitions of travel and encourage curiosity, openness, and global citizenship

    Our Values

    Meet The Team

    Meet the amazing women who make Wanderful what it is and see how you can be a part of our family.

    Meet the Team

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