Wanderful is looking for a few good women!

Are you interested in writing for an audience of adventurous, independent, globally minded women travelers? Do you want to empower and help women to travel the world? Would you like to become a part of a supportive, diverse community of feminists across the globe? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re always looking for new writers. See more below!

What we’re looking for.

Wanderful’s pieces are inspiring, engaging, personal, and community-oriented. We’d love to read your personal essay or feature piece on topics related to women and travel. Though some of our pieces aren’t women-specific, every article is written with our audience and community in mind (more on that below).

While we like to provide tips for other women travelers about how to make the most of their global experiences, we are known to also take on tough conversations related to feminism, women’s safety and violence against women, issues concerning women’s bodies, and other subjects. We handle these discussions with a combination of fact and tact.

Your piece should fit into (at least) one of these categories.

Destinations and Itineraries: Where to go and what to do there. Special insights for women travelers.

Travel Tips: Health and travel (mental, physical, emotional). Product reviews. Help with travel problems (“How to travel with your family to Zaire”, “The best ways to sleep on a plane”, “A comparison of menstrual products on the road”, etc.).

Global Issues: Global issues facing women that are important to address. Identities. Travel as a woman of color, a queer or trans woman, a deaf woman, etc. Experiences. Did something out of the norm happen to you while traveling? Tell us.

Women to Watch: Features on amazing women travelers, global entrepreneurs and leaders, bloggers, etc.

Wanderful is aware of the vast intersectional experiences of women who travel. For this reason, we share diverse stories from women of all ethnicities, racial identities, religions, sexualities, gender expressions, and abilities.

Our voice.

Some words that describe our voice:

Inspiring, Honest, Confident, Personal, Empowering, Embracing, Conversational, Community-oriented, Factual, Respectful, Authentic.

Wanderful tells it like it is. This especially applies to reviews. We are not sales-y or overly promotional. We also use facts to back up our arguments, especially when writing about serious or controversial topics.

About our audience:

Wanderful’s audience is primarily women who are 25-40 years old (though we are always looking for pieces that can help us expand this reach!) who span the globe — both in origin and current location. These women are experienced travelers who travel for cultural awareness/exchange, work/study abroad, and global-mindedness. Wanderful’s audience is more interested in local activities than tourist attractions, and many readers are bloggers themselves.

Payment & perks.

Wanderful offers a flat payment of $50 USD to our writers for each piece, once it is accepted, submitted and edited ON TIME, and published at sheswanderful.com. For a temporary period of time, we are ONLY publishing volunteer contributions on our site. When pitching your piece you will be able to identify if you are willing to submit your piece as a volunteer contribution or if you would like to us to hold it for when we resume compensation.

Here’s what else you get for publishing with us:

  • The ability to work and hone your writing skills with experienced, professional editors to produce high-quality content.
  • Your work and name on an internationally recognized travel website with an audience of about 14.2k visitors monthly.
  • Your work posted and your accounts mentioned on our social media profiles and email list with a combined audience of about 32k followers.
  • The opportunity to join our exclusive, private Facebook group, where you can connect and network with other contributors and get first dibs on submission requests and product review/sponsored content writing opportunities for Wanderful.
  • The chance to get an additional $25 bonus if your piece performs exceptionally well.

In return, we expect that our writers:

  • Work with us to edit your work. We want the best, and we want to bring the best out of you. Every edit we give you is done with the intention of making you a better writer.
  • Submit and edit your work on time. Our editing process is precise and our turnaround process is quick. Once you submit your fully written article for review by the agreed-upon deadline, you can expect to receive feedback from us in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When that happens, we expect to see a second (and sometimes third) draft quickly.
  • Promote your work on your own social media and to your networks!

How to pitch.

  • Fill out this form in its entirety. Email pitches will be ignored (unless they contain a fully-written piece). You MUST fill out this form if you are pitching an unwritten piece.
  • If you would like to send photographs with your pitch, please include web-hosted links to them in the appropriate section of the form or in your email. You should have the rights to use these images, or be able to provide proof of permission to use and information about how to give credit.

Some writing tips:

  • Posts must be at least 750 words and no longer than 2,500 words.
  • Be authentic, honest, and real.
  • Write with short paragraphs and concise sentences.
  • Write how you talk!
  • Show, don’t tell. Our audience is largely comprised of feminists and globally minded women, which means you can assume some prior knowledge of global social issues. You don’t need to explain the definition of feminism to anyone. Just describe your story.
  • Personal narratives about trips are lovely, but they need to have some sort of hook in order to be engaging to our readers. A piece that describes all the cities you visited on a trip to Italy may be pretty to read, but won’t generate interest. A story about those cities’ most badass woman-created street art, however, may be just the hook we’re looking for!

Wanderful does not publish:

  • Articles that are plagiarized or have been published elsewhere. All content is unique.
  • False reviews.
  • Excessive profanity.
  • Explicit content or images.


We receive such a high number of pitches, and we apologize that we are unable to inform you if your pitch has been rejected. Only those whose pitches have been accepted will be contacted. Additionally, due to the high number of pitches we receive, sometimes it can take weeks or months for us to inform you if your pitch has been accepted. If your piece has been accepted elsewhere and you would like to withdraw it from consideration, please feel free to email us.

We can’t wait to hear from you!