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Supporting Women Entrepreneurs with Womentum

March 6, 2017 by Wanderful Team

We are proud to support women entrepreneurs in developing economies through our ongoing partnership with Womentum.

Come make a difference for another woman in the world

As of March 8, 2017, International Women’s Day, Wanderful is partnering with Womentum to donate a portion of every membership purchased to fund a female entrepreneur in a developing economy.

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How it works

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Sign up for Membership

Sign up as a member to the Wanderful community — anytime, no code needed.

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Wanderful donates to Womentum

Each month, we’ll tally up the new members of our community and make a donation to Womentum to support the woman entrepreneur highlighted that month.

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You help a woman entrepreneur fulfill her dreams

Easy as that, you can help women in developing economies around the world to fulfill their dreams as entrepreneurs.

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Our September 2017 entrepreneur: Susan from Uganda

Amount needed: $300 USD

The below summary is provided for our use by Gina and Womentum:

As a young girl, Susan attended the Sydney Paul Primary School in Ddegeya Village, Uganda, Africa. She was forced to drop out of school after her kerosene-soaked dress caught on fire while helping her mother in the kitchen. In addition to the severe burns to most of her body, the lack of appropriate health care in the region prevented Susan from attending school or living a normal life.

However in 2008, at the age of 15, Susan was able to come to the United States and undergo needed surgeries and physical therapy at Boston’s Shriner Burn Unit for Children. Due to the hard work and support of many, after receiving treatment, Susan was able to travel back to Uganda in the hope for a better life.

Understanding the importance of education to making a sustainable living, Susan re-enrolled in school for the first time in four years with her peers. After finishing St. Jude’s Secondary School, Susan wanted to further her education and pursue trade school for fashion and design. With a new dream in mind, Susan is seeking 300 dollars from Womentum to begin her fashion and design business. With these funds, Susan plans to buy a sewing machine and additional supplies that will increase not only increase the quantity of products she is able to create, but also the quality of her pieces as well. Leveraging limited resources and overcoming tragedy has given Susan confidence as a leader. She is an example of determination and resiliency to all the women. With our support, we can ensure that she continues to be a role model.

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Join a global community of women who travel the world and help support Susan’s business with your membership.

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Already a member? Consider making a donation to Womentum by clicking here.

About Womentum

Womentum is a nonprofit pay it forward crowdfunding platform that enables anyone in the world to donate to women entrepreneurs in developing countries. Through their unique pay it forward model, donors are able to have a measurable impact. All the money raised on their platform is a donation and when the women entrepreneurs have profitable businesses, they then pay it forward and give money to someone else in their community to start a business.

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Past entrepreneurs

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July-August 2017: Gina, Colombia

Gina has been a craftswoman for 12 years. She travels across Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela selling her wares on the streets and making enough money to put food on the table for her two kids. Her dream is to one day sell her jewelry around the world.

Funded by Wanderful Members: Stefanie Schulze, Jenna Gavaletz, Gabriella Ribeiro, Monet Holmes, Jamie Steenbakkers, Kathryn Tuggle, Shay Sane, Abbie Synan, Barbara Janczer, Jennifer Freely, Heather Gipson, Paige Lussier, Jean Lindgren, Olamide Akinosho, Juliette Sivertsen-Barrett, Denise Berry, Margaret Wyzlic, Jan Lecklikner, Debi Hertert, Vannezsa Smith, Solrun Erlingsdottir, Victoria Mayne, Ruth Wolseley, Carol Kubota, Amanda Thambounaris, Karen Boyle, Lynette Epp, Meredith Avila Camarena

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May-June 2017: Suriya, India

Suriya is from rural South India, and hopes to one day save enough to put her son through high school. She is building a micro-business from selling solar lanterns in her village and earning a commission from that. Suriya will be able to provide for her family as well as provide electricity to smaller communities in India.

Funded by Wanderful Members: Fatima Bouirabdane, Brooke Centner, Jenna Gavaletz, Donna Hall, Monet Holmes, Veronica Lamb, Ani Latour, Margaret Wyzlic.

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April 2017: Yeimmy, Ecuador

Yeimmy is a political refugee from Colombia who is struggling to get back on her feet after fleeing to Ecuador. With your help, she seeks to start her own micro-business in Ecuador that organizes personal development workshops and provides economic stability for her daughter.

Funded by Wanderful Members: Maria Annala, Shahrzad Behzadian, Brenda Bolt, Patricia Charla, Kaitlin Hammond, Amy Hrobak, Marj Malizio, Laima Rastikis, Michelle Sadlowski, and Rachel Walls.

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March 2017: Katerine, Colombia

Katerine grew up in an abusive household, and later endured an abusive partner. She has now decided to make handmade accessories to feed her child and put a roof over her head. She needs the money to get better tools so she can make more accessories faster.

Funded by Wanderful Members: Kara Ananda, Kathryn Baxter, Rhiannon Chiacchiaro, Mary Cook, Minnie Cooper, Tiffany Fitzgerald, Jennifer Griffiths, Brenda Hughey, Mari Ingram, Lanora Mueller, Nancy Murphy, Lisa O’Neill, Christine Picaut, Sally Rose, Natasha Rudland, and Amanda Ton.

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