We are proud to support women entrepreneurs in developing economies through our ongoing partnership with Womentum.

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Starting March 8, 2017, International Women’s Day, Wanderful is partnering with Womentum to donate $10 for every annual membership purchased to fund a female entrepreneur in a developing economy.

How it works

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Each month, we’ll tally up the new members of our community and make a donation to Womentum to support the woman entrepreneur highlighted that month.

You help a woman entrepreneur fulfill her dreams

Easy as that, you can help women in developing economies around the world to fulfill their dreams as entrepreneurs.

Our March 2017 entrepreneur: Katerine in Colombia

Amount needed: US $200

The below summary is provided for our use by Katerine and Womentum:

Katerine’s life has been full of struggles that have culminated in a strong desire to succeed no matter what. Katerine grew up in an abusive household where her grandmother beat her daily. After escaping when she was just 14 years old, Katerine became pregnant soon after at age 16. From that moment, her life was filled with abuse again because she was with a man who kept hurting her. In the middle of this chaos, Katerine has decided to make handmade accessories to feed her child and put a roof over her head, because the father never supported her. She needs the money to get better tools so she can make more accessories faster.

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About Womentum

Womentum is a nonprofit pay it forward crowdfunding platform that enables anyone in the world to donate to women entrepreneurs in developing countries. Through their unique pay it forward model, donors are able to have a measurable impact. All the money raised on their platform is a donation and when the women entrepreneurs have profitable businesses, they then pay it forward and give money to someone else in their community to start a business.