Our Team

In between our own globetrotting, the WITS ’19 planning team is already hard at work prepping for the Summit.

Along with our prep calls, program organization, and all sorts of event planning, we wanted to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves. We’d like to be as accessible as we can to this awesome community of WITS attendees and friends, and we hope that you feel comfortable coming to us with any questions or suggestions, or even just stopping by to say hi at the Summit (although we’re generally quite busy during WITS weekend, so we apologize in advance if we don’t have as much time to chat as we’d like!).

We couldn’t be more thrilled to work together to bring you the best WITS yet.

If you’re interested in joining our larger group of volunteers for our next WITS, keep an eye out on social media and our newsletter for volunteer applications!

Don’t Forget: You can purchase your ticket to WITS here. We can’t wait to see you there!