Everything You Need to Know to Rock WITS ’16 Written by Wanderful Team on March 8, 2016


WITS ’16 is fast approaching!

The WITS ’16 planning team is gearing up and counting down the days until we see you in sunny Southern California! Here we’re offering up 13 final WITS tips (from all 13 of us) so that you can plan ahead and make the most of your WITS.

Check out our last minute need-to-know suggestions below!

Pack Light

Don’t pack a full suitcase — you’re going to have a LOT to take home! The swag bags are full of fabulous goodies. You’ll want to have room to bring it all home with you to enjoy. Katie Gard

Pack Power

Pack a power strip and an external battery to stay charged. The lady with the power strip will always get an outlet. Delia Harrington

Stay Fueled

Bring a large travel mug and lots of your favorite tea/coffee to stay fueled because you’ll be way too busy to sleep! Erica Laue

Do Your Homework

Check out the sponsors/other attendees that are coming to the summit and figure out what your “ask” is before you even get there. Practice a 30-second pitch so your interactions with other bloggers and potential partners can be as powerful and beneficial as possible for you both! Beth Santos

Get Around

Sign up for the activities and tours offered before, during, and after WITS. There’s a variety of options. It’s a great way to see more of California and connect with other attendees. Don’t miss the sign up for the Night out in Newport Scavenger Hunt Saturday evening, there’s space for everyone at this event. Jeannine Henderson


Engage in the Facebook group, on Sched, or on Twitter! That’s where a lot of other attendees and sponsors/brand reps will be hanging out. Plus I just love those moments where you’re tweeting at someone during a session and then realize they’re sitting right next to you, or you’ve seen their tweets all weekend and then run into them during the final plenary. There’s a really unique vibe of camaraderie and sisterhood at WITS, and people are really friendly both online and off. Don’t forget to use #WITS16 with every tweet! Ariel Goldberg


If you’re doing live social media coverage, it helps to “like” and “follow” fellow attendees while you’re in the thick of it. That way you won’t forget who’s who when it’s all over.  SanTara Cassamajor


BUSINESS CARDS! Don’t have any? Get some printed or whip up the DIY kind at home. Put your picture on your card, it helps others remember you.  Carry your business cards with you at all times. Ana Dominquez

Take Note

Write notes on business cards as soon as you receive them or ASAP because it’s easy to forget who was who and what you talked about by the end of the night, or a few days later. Marissa Sutera

Branch Out

Try going to at least one session that seems totally out of your realm. It’s a great exercise in pushing yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. You never know, it may open up a new side to your blog or travels. Anubha Momin

Mix & Mingle

You may get to Saturday afternoon and you’ve been chatting with a lot of the same people. Try networking with at least 5-10 different people each day to maximize your WITS experience. Alana Simpson

Rest Up

Get plenty of rest/sleep before and during WITS! It’s going to be a busy but super awesome weekend!  My #1 tip: Smile and all of these amazing women will come and talk to YOU! Mona Sahni Hines


From the words of the Grannies on Safari  “Be Kind!” You never know who you are talking to or where it may lead you. Jennifer Turner

See you in just over ONE week!

This post was written by WITS ’16 planning team member Jeannine Henderson.

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