DELSEY’s Gift to ALL WITS ’16 Attendees + Packing Tips! Written by Ariel Goldberg on March 1, 2016

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Dedicated to making travel beautiful, DELSEY, the Official Luggage Sponsor of WITS ’16, shares a few steps that help make connections seamless!

Step 1: Choose your luggage

When choosing the right piece of luggage, there are a few key points to consider. First, method of travel.

If you’re traveling by car and have your entire trunk to fill, then load up! If you’re taking a plane or train, you may want to be a little more selective in what you choose to bring. Check weight and size restrictions for your preferred method of travel so that you can avoid any overweight fees.

Then, hard side or soft side. Do you want external pockets for last minute items typical on soft side cases or would you prefer the durability of a hard side case?

Step 2: The essentials

Make a list of all the things you need every day. Don’t forget phone chargers, medication, your camera, sunglasses, and anything else you know you will use during your trip. Make sure that anything you need will be easily accessible, like your phone, license, or passport and travel documents!

Step 3: Less is more

Irvine should be warm during the day but might get a little cooler at night, so be sure to pack some layers! Select a color palette that you can mix and match. Pick a jacket or cardigan that you can pair with a cute top or a dress or choose an outfit that can easily go from day to night. Select comfortable and versatile shoes, so that you are up for anything during your trip. And don’t forget that the beach is only a short ride away! Avoid clothes that might wrinkle so you don’t have to waste travel time ironing.

Need a little more info? offers possible content lists for each suitcase, so you can see exactly how much you can pack in each bag!


Big News: As the Official Luggage Sponsor of WITS 2016, DELSEY will be providing a MONTMARTRE+ tote to every attendee!

The MONTMARTRE+ collection is named after the artistic and romantic Parisian district which houses the famous Sacré Coeur church. The collection celebrates French sophistication with smart features. The tote (a $180 value) features numerous pockets, a padded sleeve for up to a 15.6” laptop, as well as a smart band to slide over the trolley tubes of a rolling luggage. It’s perfect for your trip home to carry all your swag from WITS ’16!

montmartre cafe


Step 4: Accessorize!

If you stick with a color palette for your clothes then you can have a little bit of fun with your accessories. Make sure you pack a comfortable pair of shoes since you’ll be on your feet a lot throughout the weekend. Bring a dressier pair in case you decide to head out on the town (if you want, you can sacrifice comfort for cute for these!). For purses, bring one for the day (which you can also use as a carry-on) and one for night time, like a clutch that you can easily pack into your suitcase.

Next: Jewelry! Jewelry is generally small, so you can bring a few pieces to make your outfits sparkle. Bring your basics and then something to jazz it up a bit.

Step 5: Toiletries and cosmetics

Don’t forget to bring along your essentials. Toiletries and cosmetics can be a little tricky to pack due to TSA restrictions. Keep all carry-on liquids in a clear plastic bag and always remember the 100 ml rule – anything larger than 100 mls can only be packed in checked luggage. Collect samples of all of your favorite brands to use during your trip or keep smaller bottles to pour the liquids into when you travel. Also, changes in air pressure can cause your liquids to do some crazy things so try to keep all of your liquids in a plastic bag so there are no surprises when you unpack.

Step 6: Packing vs unpacking

One last rule? The less you pack, the less you have to unpack!

For additional packing tips check out the Experience DELSEY page at

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