Nothing is more important than the safety of our members.

When we created Wanderful, we knew that one of the most important parts of our community would be the ability to create not only a supportive environment, but a safe and trusted space for all.

While it is important that all of our members exercise their own best judgment in order to travel safely, below are some of the ways we’re working to make your experience with the Wanderful network as safe as possible.

Community Code of Conduct

Every member, upon joining the network, agrees to our community code of conduct — our most basic pledge to be respectful, kind, and helpful to each other.

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Identity Verification

Wanderful offers a two-step verification process for our members:

Standard level:

All members are required to achieve standard level verification in order to join the community. This check includes:

  • Full name and email address checked through third-party verification platform
  • 5-minute verification call with a member of the Wanderful team

Advanced level:

  • Standard level completed
  • Criminal Record Check

Criminal record checks are completed through an accredited third party at no extra cost. Advanced level members will receive special notation on their profiles.

Additional tools to build trust:

Profile Reviews

Star ratings on member profiles allow members to publicly recognize each other for a job well done and give feedback on visits and homestays.

Community Flagging

Members can flag any listing for the Wanderful team to review if there is a concern about inappropriate or incorrect content.

Video Guides

All hostesses are encouraged to walk potential guests through her home in a short video uploaded to her homestay page. That way you can see what you’re getting before you even book your room.

Secure Content

Your address is never shared on our website. All listings share general but not specific location information.

Additional questions? Send us an email to