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Ariel Goldberg

Digital Content Manager

Ariel is a queer writer, activist, and traveler who grew up outside of NYC and lived in Boston and the southeast Netherlands before settling in Brooklyn. She runs digital strategy for an LGBTQ-focused social justice nonprofit and is Wanderful‘s community manager. She also consults, eats a lot of chocolate, and blogs on body acceptance and travel, but most often dreams of running away to Paris (and is frequently a mouse-click away from booking a one-way ticket).

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Marissa Sutera

Blogger Relationships Manager
WITS Programming Chair

Marissa has a background in marketing and international education, and she currently works as a travel writer and is the creator of Little Things Travel Blog. Although she grew up in Chicago, Marissa is now based in Boulder, Colorado, where she can never seem to get enough of the multitude of outdoor activities.

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Ana Dominguez

Ana Dominguez

WITS Sponsorship Chair

Ana is a Chicago-based entrepreneur and creator of the travel blog, The City Sidewalks. She comes from a background of fashion marketing, sales, and business management. When she’s not traveling, she enjoys trying new foods and hunting down designer goods at thrift stores around the city.

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Sara Weiskotten

WITS Operations & Logistics Chair
Boston Chapter Co-Organizer

Sara is a travel enthusiast, coordinator at heart and lover of all things travel related. Based in Boston, she is lucky enough to travel within the States for work, but jumps at the chance to hop across the pond whenever possible. She went on her first 2 week solo trip to Germany and Ireland in 2014 after becoming inspired by a Wanderful-hosted event on the subject the previous year! Sara is also inspired by the idea of traveling within your own city, continually seeking to find all the hidden gems that Boston has to offer!


Erin Morawetz

Erin Morawetz

Brand Relationships Manager

WITS PR/Marketing Chair

The resident Canuck, Erin is currently based in Toronto but has previously lived in Ottawa, the U.K., France, and most recently Thailand, where she worked in online travel marketing and navigated eating Thai food with a peanut allergy. With a background in human geography and journalism, Erin loves to meet and learn from people around the globe. Her life goals include mastering the Spanish language and going wine tasting in every possible country.

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Mary Clare Bland

Mary Clare Bland

Global Community Manager
Madrid Chapter Organizer

In addition to her roles at Wanderful, Mary Clare also serves as a digital marketing consultant/web master for a number of companies in the US, UK, Spain and Australasia. Her passion is travel- she has visited over 65 countries and stayed in hotels ranging from the fanciest luxury palaces in Abu Dhabi down to a sleeping bag (tent: no, snakes: yes) in the Australian Outback. When she isn’t working or traveling, you can find her exploring the parks and gardens of Madrid, taking photographs and visiting Spanish cellars with her winemaker boyfriend.

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Local Organizers

Alysha Kaye Mendez

Wanderful Austin

Alysha is a high school English teacher, blogger, and freelancer in Austin, Texas. She self-published her first novel, The Waiting Room and is working on her second novel when she can, in between her travels. She’s keeping her number of countries visited even with her age!

Vanessa Day, Wanderful Denver organizer
Vanessa Day

Wanderful Denver

A traveler since birth, Vanessa took her first trip at the ripe age of one, and the travel bug has been with her ever since. Born and raised in Denver, she left the state for college and spent 10 wonderful years in the Midwest before deciding to return to her hometown.

Tess Hoppenbrouwers

Wanderful Tucson

Tess is an expat partner from the Netherlands and has a passion for travel and photography. She also writes a blog about her adventures living in the States – click here to visit it!

Svitlana Ramer, Wanderful Houston organizer
Svitlana Ramer

Wanderful Houston

Svitlana Ramer was born and raised in Ukraine and moved to the US to pursue graduate education in tourism. She is now organizing the local chapter of Wanderful, lecturing at Texas A&M, and launching her own holistic health business.

Demea Metcalf, Wanderful Irvine organizer
Demea Metcalf

Wanderful Irvine

Demea Metcalf is a seasoned hospitality professional who likes to try anything new. She also has a techie background, so she sometimes wishes she could integrate into a Star Trek Voyager episode and make space tourism an affordable reality, but until then, roaming the globe is the next best thing.

Beeni Jacob

Wanderful NYC

Beeni’s first international travel experience was when she moved from South India to New York at the age of 10. This began her lifelong love for travel. She’s currently a project manager in Midtown Manhattan, while also a part-time trip planner for her family trip-planning business, Javian Travels, for travelers to South Asia.

Carrie Herrera Niesen

Wanderful Phoenix

Carrie is a social commerce entrepreneur, international educator, and communications + marketing professional. Midwestern raised and Phoenix based, Carrie enjoys the heck out of her day job convincing university students to study abroad who haven’t yet discovered international travel.

Tiffany Harrison

Wanderful Phoenix

Tiffany Harrison is determined the live of the life of an active time traveler. Until a TARDIS or DeLorean becomes available for rent, she fulfills her passion for student travel and international education as the communications manager for the US division of STA Travel.

Jessica Hartmann, Wanderful San Diego organizer
Jessica Hartmann

Wanderful San Diego

Jessica is a local Southern Californian, living in San Diego. Her passion in life is traveling, and she lovse helping people be able to travel and experience life around the world. Find her travel blog on Instagram at @thejessicajourney.
Marissa Pedersen

Wanderful Seattle

Marissa is a travel blogger from Seattle who loves all things outdoors. From scuba diving in the Dominican Republic to snowmobiling on a glacier, you can find her outside when she travels. She loves meeting new people from all around the world.

Alana Simpson

Wanderful Toronto

Alana hails from Toronto, Canada and loves to see and do as much as she can. In her spare time she can be found adventuring, trying new foods and laughing at a good joke. When she’s not scouring discount flight websites or meeting with friends she blogs about her adventures on her website, Adventure Spices.

Jennifer Nascimento, Wanderful Tucson organizer
Jennifer Nascimento

Wanderful Tucson

Jennifer is a San Diego native, fresh in Tucson for life’s current adventure. Studying in San Sebastian infected her with the travel bug and passion for the world, leading her to continue studying, traveling, and working in over 13 countries. As an ESL teacher, she happily connects with individuals across the world daily, which helps to satisfy some of her travel desires.

Ivy Morris, Wanderful Tucson organizer
Ivy Morris

Wanderful Tucson

Ivy Morris is a travel writer and editor who firmly believes in the power of travel making you a good person. Wherever she roams, Tucson’s home.

Monique Gottlieb

Wanderful Vancouver

Originally from Toronto, Monique moved to Vancouver to be closer to the mountains, and she spends every moment she can hiking up them, skiing down them, enjoying sunrises from their summits and bathing in their crystal-clear lakes. When she isn’t working or in the mountains, you can find Monique running along the seawall, sharing a bottle of Argentinian Malbec with friends, or exploring her creative side at a local coffee shop.

Christine Simontacchi

Wanderful Washington, D.C.

Christine is a travel enthusiast, who’s first adventures included driving up and down the West Coast in a boat-sized station wagon. She loves contributing to Wanderful by expanding its reach through its chapters. A Seattle native and current DC resident, she loves to boast she’s now lived on both coasts!

Alyssa Johnson

Wanderful Kansas City

Alyssa is a writer and storyteller, drawn to all things adventure. Her passions for culture, yoga and scuba diving have taken her through more than two dozen countries, with longer stints in Austria, Thailand and India. Between travels, home remains in Kansas City, where Sunday brunch is a weekly staple, puppy kisses are at arms reach and there’s no such thing as too much BBQ!

Stephanie Spire

Wanderful Dallas

Born and raised in Texas, Stephanie is an administrative professional in Dallas who is curious about language and culture. She enjoys discovering new cities and towns, but never passes up an opportunity to travel to her favorite, San Francisco. As a runner and avid cyclist, she has found both to be a great way to explore new places and meet locals.

Reneé Pelton

Wanderful San Francisco

Reneé is southern girl at heart, having grown up in South Carolina, but she’s been in SF 8 years now and definitely feels like a SF local. She gets pretty antsy if she doesn’t get out of the city often, so she tries to leave at least two weekends a month to do something fun somewhere else! Her day job is in business strategy and she love to work to make people’s day jobs more fun and interesting everyday. She’s excited to restart the Wanderful San Francisco chapter to find likeminded women who are looking to go out and have adventures, and to enjoy the amazing city we already live in!

Beth Santos

Founder and CEO

Beth created Wanderful while cruising her blue motorcycle through the streets of São Tomé and Príncipe, a small country in Africa’s Gulf of Guinea. She comes from a background in international development and community building, working on the One Laptop per Child project in São Tomé and  around the Caribbean, then serving at Rotary International as a regional grants officer. She has also worked at a number of international organizations such as Voice of America and the Embassy of Portugal.

In 2014, Beth was named by the White House as one of the top 100 travel bloggers in the US and invited to the White House Travel Blogger Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship. In 2015, she was named a Chicago Scholars 35 Under 35 Young Leader Making an Impact. In 2016, she was selected as a prestigious Zell Fellow at the Kellogg School of Management, where she received her MBA, and was listed as one of the 50 Influential People in Tech to follow by BuiltInChicago.

Beth is originally from New Hampshire and has lived in Washington, DC; Coimbra, Portugal; Topsail Island, North Carolina; and Chicago, with briefer stints in São Tomé and Haiti. She currently lives in Boston with her husband and three fur babies.

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Dina Yuen

Dina Yuen is a serial entrepreneur who founded her first business at 7 years old. Yuen went on to found three successful companies after studying Industrial Engineering and Operations Management at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. She led her first company- Dragon Music International at 20 years old, netting US $20 million in under three years. With AsianFusion, she became an international bestselling cookbook author, widely respected lifestyle journalist of hotel, restaurant and product reviews and interviewer of leaders, with over 300,000 global fans. As Vice President of Business Development and Acquisitions at Arcadia Chandra International, Dina played an instrumental role in negotiating acquisitions of luxury hotels as well as developing successful rebranding strategies.

Prior to founding KYC Hospitality, Yuen held the CEO position at AsianFusion simultaneous with the Chief of Staff position at Arcadia Chandra International, where both companies allowed her to establish invaluable connections with hotel owners and managers while witnessing critical issues in the hospitality industry.She is a regular contributor to The Next Women business magazine, a speaker on women and travel issues, and holds Board of Director and Advisory roles in Arcadia Chandra International, non-profit organization SheHeroes and women-focused travel startup Wanderful.

Jessica Ainlay

Jessica Ainlay is a trilingual tech-focused content creator and strategist with an expertise in travel and an entrepreneur’s heart. Jessica lived abroad and/or traveled nomadically for over 15 years in Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America as the founder of GlobetrotterGirls, one of the world’s top travel blogs for women.  Now, Jessica is a serial blogpreneur launching great hits such as Two Mommies, Out With It and, a mentorship program for female entrepreneurs. During the day, she serves as the Content and Community Engagement Manager for Downtown Brooklyn.