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Living with (More) Surprises
Living with (More) Surprises
Do you ever feel that you’ve had to learn the same lessons repeatedly? I learn the don’t-make-promises-before-you-know-what-you’re-getting-into lesson over and ...
Feb 08, 2013 , 1
New Life Resolution
New Life Resolution
I’ve rarely made New Years resolutions. In the past I’ve found them pointless. People start off strong then break promises ...
Jan 07, 2013 , 0
Travel more, eat less junk food or say “sayonara” to cigarettes: what made it onto your New Years Resolution list this year?
Travel more, eat less junk f...
So it’s January already, and once we’ve finished asking ourselves where the last 12 months have gone, we’re ready to ...
Jan 02, 2013 , 0
Ah, 2012: a new year filled with hope for new prosperity, new opportunities, new peace, and, in the US, a ...
Jan 06, 2012 , 2