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Being a Wanderful member is the first step to growing our dedicated community of women travelers around the world. Make sure to read the member handbook, get verified, and then enjoy all the benefits of being a part of our sisterhood!

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Everything you need to know about being a member of our Wanderful community.

Community Code of Conduct

All of us members are committed to supporting one another in a positive way. By being a Wanderful member, you agree to help build this community in the spirit of our code of conduct.

Schedule Your Verification

Haven’t scheduled your verification video call yet? It only takes five minutes and after that you can participate in Wanderful homesharing.


Research Your Trip

Where to go? What to do? How to get around?

Check out this comprehensive community resource with articles written by our community members about places they’ve been (or if you’re a blogger, add your own!)

Ask the Community

Can’t find what you need in our wiki? Ask our community of travel lovers on Facebook for their best tips.

Stay with a Member

Get a local experience at an affordable price by staying with another Wanderful sister. Plus, you may even make a new friend.

Remember: You must be a verified member in order to participate in Wanderful homesharing.

Meet New Friends

Check in with the local Wanderful chapter at your next destination. Attend an event, ask members questions or find a coffee buddy.


Host a Traveler

Make money and expand your global mindset without even leaving your home. Host a Wanderful traveler in a spare bedroom or apartment as part of our homesharing network. You can also purchase homeshare insurance on a pay-per-use basis for as little as $7 per night!

Note: You must be verified in order to participate in Wanderful homesharing.

Join a Local Chapter

Our chapters are for locals and travelers alike to build connections, make new friendships, and help women traveling through our hometowns. Join your local chapter or start a chapter if you don’t have one nearby.


Take Over Our Instagram

Traveling somewhere really exciting? Take over our Instagram channel for a day to share your travels with our community!

Promote Your Blog Post

Are you a blogger who just published an interesting blog post? We love to share articles that we think will resonate with our community on Twitter and Instagram. We’ll even syndicate particularly amazing articles on our blog. Click below to submit a recent blog post for review by our content team.

Share a Community Deal

Do you have a business? Offer a special deal to our Wanderful members.


Sleep Safe

Can’t find a place to stay in the Wanderful network? We’ve got exclusive discounts to hotels around the world through our partnership with HotelStorm. Just use the code iamwanderful


Learn how to volunteer abroad, build a blog, and more with our webinars featuring some of the top talent in travel!


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Special deals offered by and for our Wanderful members.