Megan Stetzel

Megan Stetzel

Co-Founder, Why Wait to See the World

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Megan is a social media fiend, community building badass and travel lover. She’s one half of the blog, Why Wait To See The World, the reincarnation of with Stephanie Yoder. She’s passionate about tacos, oh, and helping millennials to stop waiting to see the world!

Megan has spent the last 6 years as a digital nomad living in Thailand, London and soon to be Mexico all while honing her social media and community building skills for startups, agencies, and brands alike! Pinterest is an extra special passion of hers and she believes in harnessing its traffic powers to propel brands forward.

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What She Can Offer

Whether you’ve gotten started with Pinterest but aren’t seeing the results you wish you were, or you’ve been telling yourself you need to get on Pinterest but you keep making excuses for yourself, or you just want to see what you’ve been missing, Megan can help. She offers strategy development, analysis of your current account, and overhauls. Content with your Pinterest practice? She’ll chat creating an engaged digital audience all day!

Megan is an in-house coach for Wanderful’s Creator Collective, an online program for travel influencers and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business and want a supportive community of women to guide them.

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