Leticia Barr

Leticia Barr

Founder, Tech Savvy Mama

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Leticia Barr founded her award-winning Tech Savvy Mama site based on personal and professional experience. Since 2008 she has combined her knowledge of child development, psychology, education, technology, and parenting to provide useful advice for families about the technology tools that have become a part of their lives. Her depth of knowledge about technology and education has allowed her to work with brands as a digital correspondent, spokesperson, and ambassador. Always a teacher at heart, Leticia often consults for brands, educating them about the social media space. She also enjoys mentoring fellow bloggers to help them achieve their professional goals and sharing her wisdom by speaking at conferences. Leticia is the 2018 Iris Award winner for Philanthropic Work of the Year for her work in Haiti since 2012 and enjoys the distinction of having been Parents Magazine’s Editors’ Pick for Best Tech Blog, Babble’s Top 100 Mom Blogs, one of the 50 Top Twitter Moms by Babble, and Mom.me’s 50 Favorite Mom Bloggers.

Leticia is an in-house coach for Wanderful’s Creator Collective, an online program for travel influencers and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business and want a supportive community of women to guide them.

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