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When you join the Wanderful network, not only do you receive exclusive access to the most trusted homesharing network for women in the world, but you also join an identity verified, international sisterhood of women who help one another.

Members can host travelers in their home for free or a fee, or simply sign up to take sisters for coffee, meet them at the airport, or provide advice about your hometown. Wanderful members receive free access to chapter events across the globe where you can meet new friends and make meaningful connections on the road. Plus, our members get great discounts on hotel stays, community events, and more with our travel partners.

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Homesharing network

Headed to Atlanta? How about Budapest? Our new homesharing community allows you to stay with a local hostess on your next trip. Or, if you’d rather check into a hotel or Airbnb, you can also use the network to find a lunch buddy, get some tips from a resident, or meet a new friend in her home city.

Chapter events

Wherever you are in the world, Wanderful members get special discounts at priced community events in our local chapters, plus access to special members-only events in select cities.

Member trips

Pack your bags and head somewhere with a crew of new Wanderful friends. Our twice-annual Wanderful experiences take us from New Orleans to Lima and Costa Rica to Zambia — available only to Wanderful members!

Hotel discounts

All Wanderful members receive up to 50% off deals on hotel stays with our community partner, Hotel Storm. Just one deal might be all you need to make your annual membership worth the price!

$20 off Women in Travel Summit

$20 off your ticket to the Women in Travel Summit, Wanderful’s leading industry event for female travel creators and brands, plus EXCLUSIVE access to our soon-to-be-announced Wanderful retreat series!

Blog feature

Each month, we feature an amazing woman in our Wanderful community. As a member, you’ve got a shot at having your story or business highlighted for our readers on sheswanderful.com.

Weekly emails

Yay! You’ll be the first one to know abut new initiatives, upcoming trips, amazing content written by our community, and so much more in our weekly members-only emails.

New member referrals

Want to make a little cash? Our members can refer new users to our sisterhood and earn $15 each time as a thanks for spreading the love.

Support for women entrepreneurs around the world

Thanks to our partnership with Womentum, with every new annual membership we’ll contribute $10 to help raise money for a woman entrepreneur in a developing economy to start her business.

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"If you’re a woman in the travel space, Wanderful is your family. I’ve never felt so welcomed, and so quickly, by a group of adventurous women who are eager to make lasting friendships and help one another."

Kelley LouiseBrooklyn, NY, USA

“Wanderful is a community unlike any other I’ve seen. It brings together women from all over the world for a common purpose: to share, teach, empower, mentor and grow. Travel can be difficult, especially as a woman, and especially if that woman is traveling alone. Having a network like Wanderful to go to for tips and to hear about others’ experiences is an important, encouraging tool for female travelers.”

-LiliNew York City, USA

“Wanderful is a spot for kindred spirits. Travel has become trendy…For some of us, however, travel is part of who we are. The Wanderful network gives women a place to share their experiences of what it’s like to BE a traveler, not just talk about a love of traveling.”

-MelindaMichigan, USA

“I have searched the ends of the internet and I have yet to find a group that not only supports travel but also encourages it. Discovering Wanderful is a sigh of relief and a squeal of excitement all at the same time. ‘Where have you been my whole life?’ is pretty much what went through my head. Luckily, now you are here.”

-StephanieCalifornia, USA

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  • Up to 50% off thousands of hotels with our hotel booking partner, HotelStorm
  • Exclusive members-only discount to the Women in Travel Summit and other annual events
  • Opportunity to share your story or business in a special monthly feature on sheswanderful.com
  • Support for women entrepreneurs through our partnership with Womentum
  • Opportunity to make $15 on new member referrals to bring more members into the sisterhood
  • Special member badge for your site or blog
  • Unique user profile on sheswanderful.com
  • Access to our global Facebook group for travelers to ask questions and share travel tips with each other
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