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ingrid alvarez

Quito English, Spanish and Italian

“Where are you from?” is the question I seem to get all the time especially now living in Ecuador. I automatically switch to explanation mode. “My origin is Colombian but I was born in the States – born and raised.” Then I get the, ok that explains it, nod. Due to my physio type, I can easily be identified as a fellow Ecuadorian but once I open my mouth and begin to express myself, the confusion and intrigue arise. Perplexed because they cannot pin where I am from, they feel compelled to ask me, “the question”. It’s hard to pin me because I have moved around a lot. I left the States in 2002, to live in Europe (Italy, Austria and Spain). I have picked up, through osmosis, I guess, a little bit of each country’s essence; some of its customs, expressions and mentality. Needless to say, I am a very open minded person who loves to travel and soak up the local scene especially when it involves or deal with: music, art, creative vegan food, biodynamic farming, supporting local produce, sustainable living, yoga and anything/everything with our beloved mother nature. Despite my nomadic tendencies, I can also say that I am very much a homebody. I guess it must be the crab in me – I’m Cancer. I have developed the art of giving places a true sense of home and belonging. So just as the crab takes his home everywhere he goes, so do I. As your host, this is what my goal is for you, to give you that sense of home because if you really think about it, “Home is where the heart is.”

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