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Sharing your home with other travelers?

Protect your home with our most trusted homeshare insurance partner.

So you’re officially a Wanderful hostess? Congratulations! We’re thrilled that you are open to hosting a Wanderful traveler in a spare bedroom or apartment. As an active part of our homesharing network, you can use insurance to protect your liability as a homeshare host. offers homeshare insurance on a pay-per-use basis that supplies you with the type of comprehensive protection you need as a hostess. Just like your guests only pay for the nights they stay, you only pay for the nights you want coverage. Policies include $2 million in commercial liability, the full replacement cost of your home and it’s contents, plus an additional 18 coverages specific to homesharing including infestation, liquor liability, vandalism, loss of income, and more. Best of all, rates average just $7 a night.

Why buy homeshare insurance from Slice?

  1. Slice provides on-demand, pay-per-use insurance to homeshare hostesses, so the as a hostess you only pay for coverage when you have a guest and are earning income.
  2. Slice coverage is in the hostesses’ name, providing the proper protection needed.
  3. The Slice policy provides for replacement cost on property, protection against lost rental income, a $2,000,000 limit for liability, and many specialty coverages designed specifically for homeshare hostesses, such as infestation coverage plus 17 more coverages.
  4. The average cost is only $7 per day!
  5. It’s on-demand. Turn Slice on and off the same way that you do with your availability calendar, all through a web or mobile app interface. Slice was designed to work with hostesses in a way that matches their life – only pay for when you are hosting while being fully protected, with the peace of mind that only true coverage provides.