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As a member of the Wanderful community, you get exclusive access to our global home- and experience-sharing network. Use it to visit and stay with other Wanderful women when you’re on the road for a more immersive, meaningful travel experience, or just meet up with a new friend for a cup of coffee.

Want to meet other travelers as they come to town? Sign up as a Wanderful hostess to make friends from around the world. Have a guest bedroom or sofa to share? Step it up and offer a room to other travelers and build cultural experiences right in your own home.

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Have a look at the current listings in our homesharing network and find a hostess in a city you’ll be traveling to soon.

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See a listing you like? Use our simple member-to-member messaging function to send her an inquiry to see if she’s available during your dates of travel.

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Having a local Wanderful hostess is like having a new friend you didn’t know yet. Make sure you’re a great guest, bring a little something to share from home, and have a “wanderful” time together!

Stay with a Local

Featured Home Listings

Need a place to stay? These Wanderful hostesses are opening their homes to you. Have a look at some of our featured homes in the Wanderful community.

One-Floor Townhouse with Becca

Wilmington, NC, USA

Lana’s Houston Townhome

Houston, Texas, USA

Carrie’s Tempe Condo

Tempe, Arizona, USA

Tucson East Side with Kristy

Tucson, Arizona, USA

Meet Up With a Friend

Featured Hosts

Have a look at some of our featured hostesses from around the Wanderful community. These are women who would be happy to meet up with you when you’re in town!

Elizabeth Daly

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Alana Simpson

Toronto, ON, Canada

Alysha Kaye Mendez

Austin, TX, USA

Jennifer Buchholz

Milwaukee, WI, USA

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Meet up with other amazing women travelers who come to your town, or earn a little cash as you host them in your home.

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