Danny Rivers Mitchell

Danny Rivers Mitchell

Founder and Creator of Black Girls Travel Too

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Danny Rivers Mitchell is the founder and creator of Black Girls Travel Too, which is a social travel network that creates responsible travel experiences domestically and internationally. Founded in 2015 as more of a statement to women of color that yes we do travel and yes we can have many more amazing and empowering experiences if we would only dare to reshape our thinking about not who we are but more so who we are created to be. BGTT has now matured into curating more specific experiences, by creating experiences for travelers with locals and local establishments in mind.

Travel, which Danny attributes to saving her life after growing up in overlooked communities throughout Mobile, Alabama, has taken her far and wide. From South Korea, where she lived for over a year while serving in the United States Army, to coach surfing in Australia, wearing Sari’s in India, volunteering in the rural parts of Guatemala, riding 4×4’s in the Dominican Republic, wearing big feathers during Crop Over in Barbados, drinking massive amounts of tea in London, getting lost in France, River Dancing in Ireland, partying in a deeply underground cave in Trinidad, Cuba, enjoying several cups of coffee and Dutch pancakes in Amsterdam, and gracing the South lawn of the White House in 2016 during the presidency of Barrack Obama and so much more…

Danny’s passion for travel has led her to her final destination; Her purpose! Serving in Paradise Foundation, which is a non-profit organization created to assist in the redevelopment of overlooked and underserved communities throughout the world. She has curated and led their first voluntourism experience in July 2018 to Barbados, where she along with other travelers, worked alongside locals of the Pine community. From painting the steps of the Parkinson Resource Centre, a facility for local and educational institution to conduct training and the creation of football training facilities, to the repainting of classrooms at Parkinson Memorial School.

Although Danny does a great deal of traveling, she prides herself on the ability of teaching women how to legitimize their business. Whether you are a blogger, vlogger, influencer, travel agent, photographer, etc. Danny has the recipe you need in order to turn your passion into profits.

Danny is an in-house coach for Wanderful’s Creator Collective, an online program for travel influencers and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business and want a supportive community of women to guide them.

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