Craig Martin

Craig Martin

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Performance Foundry

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Craig Martin is the co-founder and Managing Director of Performance Foundry. Performance Foundry specialises in WordPress solutions for businesses worldwide, focussing on Managed WordPress Hosting and site development as well as retainer and performance packages. Craig’s background in travel blogging (he also co-founded Indie Travel Podcast and is a past president of the Professional Travel Bloggers’ Association) means that he’s uniquely placed to help bloggers improve their sites.

What He Can Offer

Good site performance is essential for business growth — if your site is loading slowly, visitors will have a negative experience and Google will send fewer people your way. So what can you do to improve your technical SEO and site speed? Craig will do a live website review of one participant’s site, focusing on technical SEO, site speed, and user experience; and will finish the session with Q&A.

All participants should submit their sites in advance, and Craig will choose the most representative one to demo, so many of the issues raised will be common to other participants’ sites.

Craig is an in-house coach for Wanderful’s Creator Collective, an online program for travel influencers and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business and want a supportive community of women to guide them.

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