Beth Santos at the airplane ramp

Work with our Creator Collective

The Wanderful Creator Collective is a community of over 100 thought leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and more.


We work to advance the voices of women, increase representation, and shed light on emerging topics in travel by partnering with companies, destinations and brands on thoughtful campaigns and projects.


At the same time, Wanderful helps these creators improve their skills, find opportunities and connect with other builders through a membership-based collective of entrepreneurs around the world.

Types of Collaborations

Mini Summits

Bring 25, 50, or 100 creators together to highlight your city while also hosting discussions about key tourism topics in your region, making hundreds of thousands of impressions online.

FAMs and Campaigns

Our bespoke marketing campaigns activate a group of creators around your destination, product, or service to build brand awareness, highlight new features, generate sales, and more.

Brand Ambassadors + Scholarships

By sponsoring scholarships into the Wanderful Creator Collective, you can build a team of brand ambassadors or provide a special benefit to in-house creators to help them build their craft.

Why Creators?

Past Projects

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