Start a Wanderful Chapter Near You

Be the hub that connects globally minded women together where you live.

Wanderful chapters are local groups of globally minded women that gather together to talk travel, build sisterhood, and provide resources and support for women who visit their town.

Each chapter is led by 1-2 local organizers and supported by a crew of ambassadors who lend a hand hosting monthly events, facilitating conversations in the chapter Facebook group, and building relationships with local area organizations and communities.

Learn About our Current Communities

Check out our current communities here and contact the organizers directly if you’d like to help plan events for an already existing group.

“Being a Wanderful organizer gives me the amazing opportunity to show my city – all touristy and non-touristy parts of it – to women who share a passion for learning about new places and people. Some of the best friendships I’ve made have come from being a part of Wanderful!”

-Christine, Wanderful DC

“As a chapter leader, I’ve not only been able to explore new places within a city I’ve visited hundreds of times, but enjoy it from different perspectives. This combined with newfound friendships makes being a member of Wanderful so rewarding!”

– Lindsay, Wanderful Toronto

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The Role of our Local Organizers

Our local organizers are the heart of the Wanderful sisterhood. They are responsible for building a vibrant and supportive community among women travelers in their town. As a local organizer, you get first alerts on new initiatives, discounts on special events and activities, and the chance to build a true family of women who love to travel right in your home city.

The goal of our local organizers is two-fold:

  • Help create a vibrant and supportive community of women who live in and are traveling to your home city
  • Help connect women in your home city to the larger Wanderful community worldwide

How We Do This

Our local organizers are responsible for hosting at least one event per month.

  • This takes the form of a monthly brunch (or supper) club: an intimate group of 12 women engaging in real dialogue and sharing real experiences about a travel topic.
  • Once per quarter, we host a travel showcase, a more formal gathering to share stories with our larger chapter community, partners, and friends.
  • Outside of these two events (which are held in conjunction with the other Wanderful chapters), local organizers are welcome to host any other free events they’d like, from excursions around town, to happy hour meetups.

We won’t lie: Being a local organizer takes hard work and dedication.

We estimate that our average organizer spends about five hours per week building her community. In addition to hosting her monthly events, she’s also responsible for:

  • Managing the chapter Facebook group (and, when relevant, Meetup group) and facilitating conversations among members
  • Building connections with area organizations and potential partners to help spread the word about your events
  • Being informed about and relaying important Wanderful updates to her community
  • Recruiting new hostesses into our international homesharing network
  • Creating a safe, nurturing, collaborative space for women to be vulnerable, open up to each other, and support each other
  • Participating in quarterly local organizer calls and keep other organizers updated on your chapter’s progress
  • Managing any ambassadors (volunteers) to help you build your community
  • Sending requests to Wanderful HQ for social media promotion and coverage

But we also offer limitless support and sisterhood

We do this in a few ways:

  • Our own local organizer Facebook group to share ideas and best practices, share pictures, and meet other Wanderful leaders in cities around the world.
  • Quarterly group calls where local organizers can ask questions of each other and trade tips
  • Annual town halls and videos for organizers to learn more about Wanderful’s developments and growth
  • Special perks like a free ticket to the Women in Travel Summit and free access to the Wanderful Creator Collective
  • Financial compensation on ticket sales

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