Start a Wanderful Community Near You

Be the hub that connects globally minded women together where you live.

Wanderful communities are local groups of globally minded women that gather together to talk travel, build sisterhood, and provide resources and support for women who visit their town.

All communities start with a Wanderful ambassador who builds a Facebook group for her community.

Ambassadors are also invited to host free meetups for women in her area of town to meet and connect with each other.

Ambassadors who succeed at building a strong community can apply to form an official Wanderful chapter.

Official chapters host formal networking events, workshops, and other activities for the local Wanderful community.

To learn more about the role of our Wanderful ambassadors, click here.

Learn About our Current Communities

Check out our current communities here and contact the organizers directly if you’d like to help plan events for an already existing group.

“Being a Wanderful organizer gives me the amazing opportunity to show my city – all touristy and non-touristy parts of it – to women who share a passion for learning about new places and people. Some of the best friendships I’ve made have come from being a part of Wanderful!”

-Christine, Wanderful DC

“As a chapter leader, I’ve not only been able to explore new places within a city I’ve visited hundreds of times, but enjoy it from different perspectives. This combined with newfound friendships makes being a member of Wanderful so rewarding!”

– Lindsay, Wanderful Toronto

Ready to Apply?

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