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About our blogger program

Our writing process is a bit different from your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill travel magazine.

Go Girl works with inspired travel bloggers to hone their craft, learn the tricks to the digital media trade, and grow as a part of our community of women traveling worldwide. Every four months, we bring in a new cohort of blossoming travel bloggers to help them make the transition from avid travel writer to media professional.

How does it work?

Our bloggers are important members of the Go Girl team. They get weekly updates from Go Girl headquarters, participate in our team Facebook group, and are given an opportunity to publish a monthly column on our website. Bloggers are contracted to write with Go Girl Travel Network for a period of one year.

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There are two types of bloggers that write for our site:


Our newbies participate in Go Girl’s blogger program, which lasts one year. Bloggers are selected through a two-part application process.

If selected, newbies are placed in a small cohort led by one of our mentors. Our mentors are experienced travel bloggers who know the ins and outs of modern digital media, and help guide our newbies as they grow in their writing and promotional skills. Mentors meet with their cohorts via Skype once a month to discuss a new topic related to travel blogging. Each newbie is given space to publish a monthly column on Go Girl, and mentors help review and edit these articles as they come through.

As any good blogger knows, a great article doesn’t just consist of great words. It feeds on the energy and support of an avid reader base. As a member of our blogging program, you’ll get expert feedback and advice about how to grow a following and propel your community forward.

Staff Writers

blogging-program-circleAt the end of one year, those newbies who have truly excelled will be invited to participate as a staff writer. Our staff writers produce interesting, unique content for women around the world on a monthly basis. Each writer publishes a column that appeals to a particular segment of the travel community. Feminism in travel, travel on a budget, or volunteering and travel ethics are all examples of clear, useful content that could be made into a column.

Our staff writers report to one of our two staff editors and are given free admission to all of our WITS on the Web webinars so that they may continue to grow as writers.

The Go Girl team hangs with chef Christian DeLutis at Troeg's Brewery

What’s in it for me?

As a member of our blogging program, newbies receive:

  • Free enrollment in a competitive training program consisting of monthly lessons and activities for emerging travel bloggers in a small group setting
  • Personalized feedback and support on your articles from an institutional mentor
  • A year’s worth of free space to publish your content to 10,000 globally minded women on
  • A discounted ticket to the Women in Travel Summit so you can join us for even more growth as a writer
  • Exclusive opportunities for our cohorts, such as up to one press trip during the program
Our staff writers receive:
  • Personalized feedback and support on your articles from a staff editor
  • One FREE ticket to the Women in Travel Summit
  • FREE pro membership on
  • FREE admission to our annual team retreat, which takes place the day before WITS
  • FREE admission to all WITS on the Web sessions
  • Exclusive opportunities for members of our staff team, such as press trips, sponsored posts + commission, and more

We’re not going to lie. Our blogger program is aggressive. It’s a full year long, and during that time we’re expecting our cohorts to be avid students, inspired writers and enthusiastic team players. Our newbies work together to help each other with their writing, so not only do you improve as a blogger by creating your own stuff, but also from editing and providing feedback to everyone else in your cohort.

Since we meet on Skype, it’s ok if you’re traveling the world — we all are! Have a look at our program content below to see if it’s a right fit for you:


Here’s what you’ll learn in our blogger program:

  • Making the switch: From writing to blogging
  • Beating writer’s block: Planning great blog topics
  • Finding your style/voice/tone
  • Crafting visually appealing blog posts: utilizing images and media
  • Content marketing tools and tips
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mastering the press trip
  • Intro to social media + article promotion
  • Intro to Google Analytics
  • “Netiquette”: rules about blogging and net engagement
  • Guest blogging: how to, pros, cons
  • How to find balance between blogging and traveling


Here is our admission timeline for the 2014-2015 year:


July 1 2014: Applications open for cohort 1
August 1 2014: Applications close for cohort 1
September 1 2014: Cohort 1 begins


4 November 2014: Applications open for cohort 2
1 December 2014: Applications close for cohort 2
1 January, 2015: Cohort 2 begins


1 March 2015: Applications open for cohort 3
1 April 2015: Applications close for cohort 3
1 May 2015: Cohort 3 begins

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The application process

Applications for our third cohort are now open until 1 April, 2015!

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