Alexandra Jimenez

Alexandra Jimenez

Editor-in-Chief, Travel Fashion Girl

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Alexandra Jimenez is the editor-in-chief of Travel Fashion Girl, where she teaches an audience of 900,000+ monthly readers to pack in a light, stylish, and efficient way. After quitting her corporate job in 2008, she spent almost a decade on the road all while traveling carryon only. She now has a new travel brand called Compass Rose Travel Accessories that is quickly making its way up the best-selling product list on Amazon.

She’s appeared on Fox and Friends Live and has been featured on the websites for Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, the Oprah Winfrey Network, USA Today, the New York Post, the Daily Mail, and Reader’s Digest.

What She Can Offer

To run a successful blog you need to have a business mindset. Alexandra can help offer entrepreneurial insight on how to run and manage a team, how she’s used corporate customer service values to build a loyal audience, and how to monetize your brand beyond blogging. She can also offer tips on how to successfully use Facebook Live to expand your content and promotional reach.

Alexandra is an in-house coach for Wanderful’s Creator Collective, an online program for travel influencers and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business and want a supportive community of women to guide them.

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