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Wanderful is a global lifestyle brand and community that specializes in helping all women travel the world.

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Our mission is to make travel easier for women by connecting them to their biggest asset — each other.

We do this through:

We also work to make the travel industry more equitable.

We do that by highlighting women’s voices as creators and entrepreneurs, and advocating for more inclusive travel marketing.

We are the creators of the acclaimed Women in Travel Summit, a leading travel industry event for content creators and brands, as well as the Bessie Awards, which honors women of impact in travel.

We represent women shaping the future of travel through creative enterprises with the Women Travel Creators Facebook group, and create a safe space to help women perfect their craft through the Wanderful Creator Collective.

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We publish words from women travelers that aren’t typically heard. Learn about the world through their eyes or share your story with us.

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More women are traveling the world alone than ever before.

We’re helping women do it with a trusted network of travelers
that can guide them.

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We help brands make meaningful, authentic connections with travel’s top decision-making segment.

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