Helping Our Sisters Worldwide with Pathways to Safety

The phrase, “women helping women travel the world,” is more than just our motto. It’s our responsibility.

A couple of weeks ago, we announced our special partnership with Pathways to Safety International to amplify the impact of their new Women’s Assist Global Network. The network provides access to critical resources and information regarding country-specific sexual assault law enforcement response, medical response, safety considerations for LGBTQ communities, and much more, while also funding support services to help women who are sexually assaulted abroad.  

Today we’re excited to share how exactly you can get involved and support our sisterhood of travelers. By becoming a member of the Women’s Assist Global Network, you’ll gain access to special monthly travel resources to help keep you safe while you travel abroad. All Wanderful members get a discounted rate of $15/month, which also acts as a recurring donation to help women who have been sexually assaulted abroad and need immediate assistance and critical resources from Pathways to Safety International. 

We know that safety is integral to pursuing our passion for travel and we’re here to support our community every step of the way. 

Become a member of the Women’s Assist Global Network today! 

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