Using Exercise to Counter the Blues

Sense of worth and self-esteem are huge contributions to worsening or preventing depressive episodes. I have noticed over the last few years that my better days were the ones in which I took the time to do my hair, make-up, and pick out an outfit that made me feel confident. Even while I have never been the skinniest girl it truly helps to exercise and allow that to be a confidence booster and utilize the endorphins to improve your mood. Therefore, get a regulated exercise routine. Getting your adrenaline pumping and participating in activities that can make you feel more confident about yourself can be a great pick-me-up. The important thing, I’ve learned, is to make sure you have a good friend or family member with you that will be positive and encouraging.

The greatest thing about the upsurge of social media outlets is that people are now sharing their simple yet effective workouts and exercises. Daily I am finding new things to try to help me stay active even with a busy schedule on Pinterest. I have been looking to my boyfriend to help me with work outs because I appreciate his honesty with me and with the trust I have in him it allows me to feel confident about working out. Having a person with me that loves me no matter what I look like is a great boost during exercises. I don’t have to worry what they may be thinking while I do a certain workout, which has been my biggest deterrent from going to gyms.

When the symptoms start kicking in and you feel yourself under a dark, rainy cloud, choose to work out with a person you trust. Allow the adrenaline from working out to get you out from under that cloud. It is a great way to begin the day especially when it seems a little harder to get out of bed that morning. Not only will you be helping yourself become stronger and healthier but you will also be giving yourself a confidence boost and lessening the amount of depressive episodes that stem from dislike of appearance. The biggest thing about battling depression is acknowledging the things we wish to change and then finding productive and healthy solutions to make it happen.

I am not the biggest fan of working out or being sweaty but after trying this out it has really helped me and I hope that it will help you, too!

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