WITS ’18 Mentor 1:1 Sessions Written by Erin Morawetz on March 1, 2018

Ready to take your learnings to the next level at WITS ’18? Sign up for Mentor 1:1 sessions!

What are Mentor 1:1 Sessions? 

Mentor 1:1 Sessions are one of the best offerings at WITS ’18. For a nominal fee, you can have a one-on-one session (half- or full-hour) with many of our incredible speakers, each of whom brings experience and expertise in many different areas. Each year, attendees tell us their Mentor 1:1 sessions were one of the highlights of their WITS experience, and we’re thrilled to be bringing it back for WITS ’18.

When are Mentor 1:1 Sessions? Will I miss any of the conference?

Mentor 1:1 Sessions are an extra perk to WITS and they all exist outside of official conference hours, so you won’t miss anything! Sessions are available Thursday through Monday, and you can select the time that works best to you.

How do I sign up? 

Scroll through the list of speakers offering Mentor 1:1 sessions below, click on the booking link, select the time that works best for you, pay the fee online, and and mark it in your calendar (even better, link it up with Sched!). On the day of your session, come to the main conference area at the Château Frontenac and we will direct you to the room where you will have your session.

How do I prepare? 

This part is up to you! We recommend that you become familiar with the mentor you sign up for a session with, so you can prepare the top questions and points you’d like to ask them. However, the ball is really in your court. Come with questions about your blog, pick their brain about a specific comments, ask them about their business — whatever you’d like!

Any other questions? Please send us an email.


Mentor 1:1 Sessions

Alexandra Jimenez

Alexandra Jimenez is the editor-in-chief of Travel Fashion Girl, where she teaches an audience of 700,000+ monthly readers to pack in a light, stylish, and efficient way. She spent almost a decade traveling full-time and this year she’s one of the speakers, a mentor, and sponsor at WITS! Alex just launched a new line of travel accessories, Compass Rose, and she’ll be revealing the newest product live at WITS! Stop by the Travel Fashion Girl table for a chance to win some awesome prizes including the brand new Compass Rose Packing Cubes and ultra-cute travel clothes!

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Annette Richmond

Annette Richmond is a Travel Writer, Fashion Stylist and the creator of Fat Girls Traveling. She’s currently a contributor at the Huffington Post and Ravishly. This self-proclaimed Fat Girl is a staunch supporter of the Body Positive Movement. Her Fat Girls Traveling Instagram and Facebook Groups have recently been featured in Teen Vogue, Allure, Self and Shape Magazines. From dressing top models and celebrities to trend and color forecasting. She’s had every imaginable job in the fashion industry. Currently, a Senior Fashion Stylist for an online company. Annette has styled thousands of women. Her goal is to continue to be a voice for Fat Travelers and Fashionistas.

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Ashley Renne

Ashley Renne is an entrepreneur and content creator based in Atlanta, GA. Her blog Travel Lushes uses video and photography to show others how to live an adventurously green life—and stylishly at that. After 12 years of working professionally in TV and digital media as a Senior Video Editor and Producer, she left corporate to start her own video production company. She launched TL Digital Studios, the official production arm of Travel Lushes that produces social content and marketing videos for a wide variety of businesses, including the tourism and hospitality industry.

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Cha Jones

Cha Jones is an intercultural trainer, international speaker, philanthropist, and author who helps people plan and prepare to live the life they desire anywhere in the world. Her passions are centered on advocating for, educating, empowering, and encouraging women and minorities to explore the world through travel. She is the president of Global Bound Consulting, a boutique international consulting company with offices in Nashville, Panama, and Costa Rica, assisting individuals and corporate clients, including Cartus, Chamness, Dwellworks, Crown World Mobility and Shepell Group with intercultural training, expatriate coaching, relocation, and international job search. Cha holds a Masters in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management with a focus in International Education from the School for International Training (SIT) a division of World Learning in Brattleboro, VT. She also holds a certification in Life Coaching from the Spencer Institute in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and Bachelors in Business Management with a focus in Marketing from Aquinas College in Nashville, TN.

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Ciaran Blumenfeld

Ciaran Blumenfeld is a creative entrepreneur, publisher of the family lifestyle blog Momfluential.net and CEO & founder of Hashtracking.com, a social media analytics service that offers insight into hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. She has been named as one of the “15 Most Powerful Moms in Social Media” by Working Mother Magazine and has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times and Fast Company. Ciaran lives in Southern California with her 4 kids and husband, and an odd eyed cat. Photography and travel are two of her favorite things.

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Danny Rivers Mitchell

Danny Rivers-Mitchell, a wife, mother and founder/creator of Black Girls Travel Too (BGTT), a social travel network that creates responsible travel experiences globally. Black Girls Travel Too was founded in January 2015 as a statement to women of color that yes, we do travel and yes, we could have many more amazing and empowering experiences if we would only dare to reshape our thinking about not only who we are but also who we were created to be. BGTT has now matured into curating more specific experiences by creating experiences for travelers, with locals and local establishments in mind.

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Gabi Logan

Author of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map, Gabi Logan is a journalist, blogger, and entrepreneur who seeks to inspire travelers to experience the world more deeply and travel writers to achieve their dreams in terms of both flexibility and income. She coaches travel writers privately, at her writing retreat in the Catskill Mountains of New York, and in workshops around the world, and runs the Travel Magazine Database with information on how to pitch hundreds of travel magazines.

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Glory Ali

Glory Ali is the founder of Muslim Travel Rocks who recently started travel blogging to encourage and motivate Muslims to explore the world. She also started the travel blog to feature America as a Muslim Friendly Destination. Her goal is to combat Islamaphobia through travel and at the same time tackle the misconceptions that America is not a Muslim Friendly Destination. She has been featured on the Huffington Post, Halal Incorp, Khadija Magazine and recently was invited as the first Muslim and Travel Blogger to attend the Going on Faith Conference in Ohio.

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Jennifer Doré Dallas

Jennifer Doré Dallas is a corporate dropout turned travel blogger at Moi, mes souliers. Guidebook author, freelance writer and community manager for diverse clients in the industry, she’s passionate about the travel world and the mysterious realm of blogging she has been navigating since 2010. Founder of the Voyage numériQC collective, she loves to share her knowledge and grow the community!

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Jennifer O’Brien

Jennifer O’Brien is a professional photographer and videographer who loves to incorporate new technology like drones and 360 cameras into creating unique travel content. She loves creating 360 photography and videography and has created 360 content in 7 countries and counting! She founded The Travel Women, the popular travel website and social community for women. In 2018, she is leading trips for women to “travel solo TOGETHER” to beautiful places like Morocco. She creates social content and marketing videos for a variety of technology and tourism clients.

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Karen Maria Alston

An entrepreneur, female founder, marketer, brand expert, women’s leadership advocate and authenticity guru, Karen Maria Alston is an award winning proven expert. She is affectionately known as The Advertising Diva or for her hashtag #beingkarenalston. Karen founded the innovative women’s empowerment and professional educational leadership development platform, The Spectrum Circle,  which has held several notable events in the Washington, DC area featuring a plethora of local and nationally recognized exceptional women sharing authentic leadership stories of navigating the glass ceiling and learned experiences.

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Lauren Marinigh


Linda Enoh


Megan Stetzel

Megan is a full time traveler, blogger and social media whizz. Her journey started in Cambodia and has led her to over 26 countries in 4 years with no end in sight. She recently combined forces with Stephanie Yoder of Twenty-SomethingTravel.com to relaunch and retarget as WhyWaitToSeeTheWorld.com (because we can’t all be 20-somethings forever!). Why Wait World is an online travel magazine for millennials reaching well over 100k monthly viewers with the aim of inspiring people to ask themselves the question, “Why Wait?” when it comes to travel!

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Nina Zadeh

Nina Zadeh is the co-founder and Director of Partnerships at Sidewalker Daily, a marketing consulting agency who works on both sides of the influencer equation. On one hand, she works with destinations and hospitality clients on their influencer marketing initiatives and social media strategy. On the other hand, Nina works with influencers and bloggers to help transform their travel influence, provide opportunities through Sidewalker Daily’s signature Press Trip Program and create sustainable businesses online.

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Phylecia Jones

After years of grunt work and “let’s get real moments,” Phylecia successfully figured out the best ways to navigate managing personal and business finances while putting her heart into being an entrepreneur. As the Founder of Budget School and Host the Budget School Podcast, Phylecia is quickly becoming the savvy go-to budgeting nerd, speaker, and trainer. She thrives on changing the world one budget at-a-time and is opening the door for many solopreneurs to have that must needed wake-up call to get serious about managing money and knowing their numbers.

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Rachel Hill

After silently suffering from Anxiety Disorder and Depression for over a year, Rachel made a decision to ‘retire’ at 27 from a lucrative and promising corporate career to travel the world indefinitely. Her travel blog, RachelTravels.com, is a digital platform dedicated to millennial, women of color, to inspire and encourage them to push past their comfort zones and travel the world.

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Sue Reddel

Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris launched Food Travelist to connect food travelers with great brands, destinations and experiences. Traveling the world they seek unique and memorable food and drink in every destination. As a transactional attorney Diana has spent innumerable hours negotiating the best deals possible for her clients. Sue’s background managing hundreds of millions of media dollars makes her a savvy negotiator for her clients. Together they negotiate to win.

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Tabbi Burwell

Tabbi Burwell is the Communications Manager for Visit OKC where she promotes tourism to Oklahoma City, working with media from all over the world. She has landed spots major magazines such as Vogue, Travel + Leisure, USA Today, NY Times, National Geographic and many more.

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