Why Intersectionality Is Important for WITS ’16 — and Why We Need Your Help Written by Delia Harrington on August 18, 2015


The community at the Women in Travel Summit is something we’re incredibly proud of, and it’s one of our attendees’ favorite things about WITS.

We know that any community is only as strong as the many varied individuals who participate in it, and we are so lucky to have each and every one of you in ours. We also know that diversity makes our community stronger, smarter, interesting, and fun.

Diversity must be baked into an organization as consistently as possible in order to have a real impact. It’s common to hear the word thrown around in statistics, or after a public mishap. At WITS, diversity is front and center, not an afterthought. Seeking out and honoring a variety of voices and experiences is in our recipe. This community wouldn’t be nearly as Wanderful if we didn’t do it.

We have already assembled a great team of organizers to run the Summit (you’ll learn more about them soon!), and now we’re looking toward our next steps: finding the best possible speakers and broadening our reach so that anyone who might be able to benefit from WITS knows about it.

Wanderful Women come from all walks of life, so we want to make sure that our outreach is as intersectional as possible and getting into every kind of community. As in the W in WITS indicates, we focus on sharing information and resources with and for people who self-identify as women, but we also know that not everyone fits into the gender binary. We want to be inclusive of folks who aren’t always front and center in the travel industry, including people of color, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ individuals, and economically marginalized people.

Additionally, you DO NOT need to be a member of the travel industry to participate — we are equally interested in computer programmers, marketing directors, women’s rights speakers, folks looking for a career shift, people who just really love traveling, and everything between and beyond. Surprise us with your brilliance!

So, Wanderful Women, here’s where you come in:

We know you all have amazing networks, and you must know some people who could bring WITS to the next level. Do you know of a great news outlet, Facebook or meetup group, listserv, Twitter chat, company, or individual influencer we should be reaching out to? Let us know!

You can also help us spread the word within your network! We have opened the call for speakers, and early bird tickets are now available. We want Wanderful Women of all kinds as attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish there were someone to talk about ______ at WITS,” now is your chance to help us reach out to them and make that wish a reality!

We believe that travel should be accessible to anyone who wants it, and that anyone who loves travel should feel at home at WITS. Help us find the best possible speakers and attendees so we can all have an amazing WITS ‘16 in Irvine, CA!

Do you have something to say? We want to hear from you!

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