Where in the World: Wanderful Woman Winner Revealed! Written by Ariel Goldberg on November 10, 2015

Congratulations … Allyson Prock & Jada Durden!

Allyson and Jada both got 8 out of 10 guesses correct in our Where in the World: Wanderful Woman contest, and each scored a ticket to WITS ’16 in Irvine, California. Congrats Allyson and Jada!

Thanks to everyone who played! See the answers to where our jet-setting WITS ’16 Global Ambassador Sasha Hoffman has been below.


Photo 1: Lesotho
Hint: One of the few countries in the world entirely sounded by another country.


Photo 2: Saint Martin
Hint: The French half of two islands in one.


Photo 3: Wadi Mujib in Jordan
Hint: This nature reserve boasts 300+ species of plants, 10+ species of carnivores, many species of birds, and at least one awesome Global Ambassador adventuring in a dress.


Photo 4: Bondi Beach, Sydney, Austrailia
Hint: If you’d visited this beach on one special day in 2010, you’d have found shelves upon shelves filled with books to take, swap, or donate — in the sand!


Photo 5: Hualālai Volcano, Big Island, Hawaii
Hint: This Central Pacific volcano last erupted in the early 19th century.


Photo 6: Llandudno Beach, South Africa
Hint: This South African beach is so exclusive it only has 35 parking spots, so if you want to go you can only bring 34 of your closest friends (and whoever else can fit in their cars).


Photo 7: Boston, Massachusetts
Hint: Despite this city’s alcoholic reputation, happy hours are banned.


Photo 8: Lenno, Italy
Hint: Legend has it that across the famous lake pictured there once lived witches who cast love spells on the young men from this town.


Photo 9: San Sebastián or Donostia
Hint: This coastal city’s Basque and Spanish names may sound very different, but actually mean the exact same thing.


Photo 10: Zanzibar
Hint: Many mistakenly think this African archipelago is just one single island.

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