Get Pumped for WITS ’16 with a Look Back at WITS ’15 Written by Ariel Goldberg on December 14, 2015


Season’s greetings from the WITS ’16 planning team!

There are only 93 days until the Women in Travel Summit by Wanderful — the premier blogging conference for women travelers, by women travelers — and we’re all nearly exploding with excitement.

We’ve been working since WITS ’15 to bring you a bigger, better, more wanderful WITS, and wanted to share some of our excitement for next year and favorite moments from last year as we get ready for 2016.

Take a Look Back with Us

The planning team could not have been happier with WITS ’15. As we continue to grow, we want to preserve the sense of intimacy and camaraderie that makes WITS so special. WITS ’15 had about 150 more attendees than WITS ’14, and we expect about 200 more at WITS ’16!

I came home from WITS ’15 feeling energized and excited, instead of burnt-out and overwhelmed the way I normally do after conferences. I was surrounded by an entire community of supportive and inspirational women, fueled by a passion for travel and a determination to be successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. It was an incredible experience unlike any conference I’ve ever been to! –Marissa Sutera, Sponsor Lead


My favorite thing about WITS ’15 was how supportive and welcoming everyone was. In spite of the fact that I’ve been travel blogging since 2008, it was my first conferences for travelers, bloggers, or both! In the past I’ve always been intimidated by the competition within the field, feelings of imposter syndrome, and stories of people with bad experiences. There were people with so many different kinds of experience at WITS, and all of it was valued. Delia Harrington, PR/Marketing Lead

I missed WITS ’15 because I was a brand-new mom, so my only basis for comparison is the very first WITS on 2014. I know things will be very different, and I’m really looking forward to being part of those changes this year! –Erica Laue, Volunteer Liaison

Now Get Ready for What’s Ahead

We love the incredible sense of global energy and encouragement that is present at WITS. If you were at WITS ’14 or WITS ’15, you know that camaraderie and support can’t be beat. You wanderful women are what make WITS truly special!

I’m so excited to bring our community back together. WITS is exactly the kind of family I’d hoped for when bringing a group of women travelers together — supportive, engaging, empowering, thoughtful. Going to WITS is like meeting up with friends I never knew I had. I’m excited to meet new people, help further the growth of the blogging industry, and of course soak up the California sunshine. –Beth Santos, WITS Creator, Wanderful CEO

I am excited to be a part of another woman-powered, woman-centred event that provides such a berth of instruction, information, networking, and connections. –Anubha Momin, Programming Lead

I’m super stoked to just hug everyone. –Alana Simpson, Community Liaison

WITS attendees get manicures at the Explore Branson booth

I am truly excited to get together with ladies from all walks of life to talk about one of my most favorite things (besides my kids) TRAVEL! –Jennifer Turner, Sponsor Lead

It’s like a summer camp for adult women who love travel. Friendships are formed, fears are conquered, goals are set, and memories are made. Everyone supports and encourages each other. –Jeannine Henderson, Sales Lead

This year, we’re offering more social events and networking opportunities. We also can’t wait for the California sunshine!

With so many amazing women gathering together in one place, networking is a key component of WITS. You’ll will have plenty of time to meet other attendees, connect with brands, and network.

Irvine, California will be the first west coast location for WITS. We can’t imagine having been anywhere but in Chicago and Boston the past two years, but now we’re ready for some fun in the sun. Be sure to pack sunscreen and a swimsuit!

I’m looking forward to two things: 1) Exploring Irvine and the surrounding towns to see what they have to offer. 2) Networking with all the women — both new and veteran attendees! –Ana Dominguez, Events Lead

I think I could use some California sunshine come March! –Marissa Sutera, Sponsor Lead

I’m excited about everything! New destination, the energy of the conference, and laughing a whole lot with you girls. I’m most excited about networking. –SanTara Cassamajor, Events Lead

WITS '15 in Boston, Massachusetts

I am looking forward to visiting Irvine. The fun in the sun, awesome food options, and the Destination Irvine team are calling my name. –Jennifer Turner, Sponsor Lead

I am most excited for the incredible speakers we have lined up! Not to mention the social events and the opportunity to network face-to-face with sponsors I’d otherwise have to cold pitch via email. Oh, and the swag. We have some really great swag. And did someone mention a hot tub? Katie Gard, Programming Lead

I love being around others that understand my love and passion of traveling! It’s the connections that we make with others that I enjoy and can’t wait for! –Mona Hines, Logistics Lead

Are you ready for WITS ’16? What are you most excited for?

Even if you can’t make it to Irvine yourself, you can always give the gift of WITS ’16 to a lucky woman traveler in your life. Register now — or buy someone else a registration for the holidays!

See you in Irvine!

This post was written by WITS ’16 planning team member Jeannine Henderson.

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