Written by Jeannine Henderson

WITS ’14 was the first travel summit or conference I ever attended, and I’m so glad I did!

When I discovered WITS, the team was looking for speakers, and I thought it would be an incredible opportunity to share my travel experiences and money-saving tips with others.

Though attending WITS may have been exciting, being selected to speak was the cherry on top! WITS ’14 featured a huge range of speakers, from the grandmother of women travelers, Evelyn Hannon, to Anubha Momin, a gal who is roughing it in the Canadian Arctic, to Alex Jimenez (also known as Travel Fashion Girl), who offered stylish and space-saving packing tips.

At WITS ’14, I was slotted to speak on a panel with Lisa Lubin and keynote speaker Jeannie Mark (of Nomadic Chick)! Our panel focused on budget and last-minute travel. It was great to be among such a diverse group of passionate, travel-loving women. As a speaker, I loved both sharing my experiences and budget-friendly tips with other travel enthusiasts and also participating in a discussion with the other panelists.

I also truly enjoyed meeting some of the attendees after the panel, and connecting with them one-on-one. I appreciate that while WITS is a summit, it still feels intimate and personable.

As an attendee, I especially enjoyed networking and connecting with so many wonderful women from all over. It was like a mini-summer camp for women travelers! WITS attendees were such a fascinating group; they ran the gamut in age and background. Some were entrepreneurs, some bloggers, some full-time travelers, and some were aspiring travelers full of wanderlust and not yet sure where to go or what to do. Everyone had something to offer. It’s an all-encompassing event where great connections and friendships are forged over a weekend of travel talk.

I’m so excited about WITS ’15 Boston! By the second day of WITS ’14, I had already decided I would be attending the next summit; before the location was even announced. The price is affordable, the company is great, and with three tracks (blogger, traveler, and entrepreneur), there is something for everyone. And what’s more, there are activities, tours, mixers, and more for attendees to enjoy when not participating in conference sessions.

If you’re a girl who likes to go, WITS is for you!