Meet the WITS ’16 Planning Team! Written by Ariel Goldberg on August 25, 2015


In between our own globetrotting, the WITS ’16 planning team is already hard at work prepping for the Summit. But don’t worry, we’re not working too hard (yet), and as you can see from the above photo of (most of) last year’s team toasting with keynote speaker Dina Yuen in Boston, we have plenty of fun too.

Anyway, along with our prep calls, program organization, and all sorts of event planning, we wanted to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves! We’d like to be as accessible as we can to this awesome community of WITS attendees and friends, and we hope that you feel comfortable coming to us with any questions or suggestions, or even just stopping by to say hi at the Summit (although we’re generally quite busy during WITS weekend, so we apologize in advance if we don’t have as much time to chat as we’d like!). You can also follow us all on Twitter here!

Don’t Forget: The WITS ’16 call for speakers is open! You can also buy your ticket to WITS ’16 here (early bird pricing ends after August 31st, so grab yours quick). See you in Irvine in March!

Core Planning Team

Beth Santos Beth Santos, Creator

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Beth Santos is founder and CEO of Wanderful and the creator of the Women in Travel Summit. She comes from a background in international development, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise and is an MBA candidate at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. In 2014, the White House named Beth one of the top 100 travel bloggers and in 2015 Beth was featured as a Chicago Scholars 35 Under 35 Young Leader Making an Impact. Beth lives in Chicago with her husband, two dogs, a cat, and a severe ice cream eating problem.

Alana Simpson
 Alana Simpson, Community Liaison

Instagram | Twitter

Alana hails from Toronto, Canada, but had been lucky enough to call several different cities across the globe her home. Her background is in Political Science and Tourism, as a student turned tour guide. She passionate about adventuring, sharing travel with others, and sustainability. Generally, you can find her working on her computer, hiking, or making new friends wherever she goes.

Ana Dominguez
 Ana Dominguez, Events Lead

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Ana is a Chicago-based entrepreneur and creator of the travel blog, The City Sidewalks. She comes from a background of fashion marketing, sales, and business management. When she’s not traveling, she enjoys trying new foods and hunting down designer goods at thrift stores around the city.

Anubha Momin
Anubha Momin, Programming Lead

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Anubha Momin is a communications and marketing consultant who lives and works in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. She chronicles life in a remote Arctic town on her popular blog, Finding True North and also acts as a mentor for the Wanderful Blogging Program. Her words and photos have also appeared in Vice, Briarpatch, Canadian Geographic, the National Post, Up Here Magazine, and various other publications.

Ariel Goldberg
 Ariel Goldberg, PR/Marketing Lead

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Ariel is a queer poet/writer, activist, and traveler who has lived in(/on) Long Island, Boston, and the southeast Netherlands, but now calls Brooklyn her home. She works both in digital content strategy for an LGBTQ-focused social justice nonprofit and as Wanderful‘s community manager. She also manages her own consultancy business at and blogs on body acceptance and travel, but most often dreams of running away to Paris (and is frequently a mouse-click away from booking a one-way ticket).

Delia Harrington Delia Harrington, PR/Marketing Lead

Instagram | Twitter

Delia Harrington is an activist, writer, and photographer who has been traveling the world part-time since 2006. She blogs about the intersection of travel, culture, social justice, and women’s empowerment on Away She Goes. Delia works in digital communications for an international development and financial inclusion non-profit, and has a background in study abroad, human rights, and politics. She Tweets about travel, pop culture and smashing the patriarchy and fills her Instagram with photos of activism and adventure.

Erica Laue
Erica Laue, Volunteer Liaison


Erica Laue is an activist, blogger, knitter, hiker, nerd, and full-time mom. In between, she’s a clinical social worker who works with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. You can find her on Twitter or on her regular column on Wanderful.

Jeannine Henderson Jeannine Henderson, Sales Lead

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Jeannine is a born and bred southern gal from Atlanta, GA. She fell in love with world exploration and cultural immersion during a trip to Barcelona, Spain where she participated in a Spanish language immersion program, and she’s been on the go ever since. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a month abroad, she’s always up for adventure. Her trips are usually taken at the last minute, often solo, with little to no advance planning (she’s a seasoned pro at tripping on the fly, working out the details and kinks as she goes). She makes the most out of each trip by connecting with both travelers and locals, diving into the culture that surrounds her, and living for the moment. She’s a bourbon-lover and barbecue fanatic. Her pastimes include camping, hiking, baking, stirring up craft cocktails, and volunteering in her community.

Jennifer Turner
Jennifer Turner, Sponsor Lead


Jennifer is lover of all things travel and all things art. She is a beloved member of the Women in Travel Summit planning team, and has been with us from the start! After once taking a trip to France to escape a sad situation, it turned out to be a healing getaway. Jennifer has been traveling ever since. She loved it so much she became a referring travel agent and is passionate about helping others see the world on extremely tight budgets.

Katie Gard
Katie Gard, Programming Lead

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Katie is a writer, photographer, and virtual assistant. Her education is in environmental geoscience, but her true loves are food, travel, and cultivating a cultural education. She writes about overcoming her fears of stagnation and SpongeBob SquarePants on her blog, Domestiphobia, and currently lives in Virginia with her husband and two mutts.

Marissa Sutera
Marissa Sutera, Sponsor Lead

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Marissa has a background in marketing and international education, and she currently works as a travel writer and is the creator of Little Things Travel Blog. Although she grew up in Chicago, Marissa is now based in Boulder, Colorado, where she can never seem to get enough of the multitude of outdoor activities.

Mona Hines
Mona Hines, Logistics Lead

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Mona is a pharmacist but her passion is traveling. “Put me on an airplane, I will go anywhere!” is her motto. She was born in India, but raised in the ‘burbs of Chicago. Now she lives 3 blocks from her beloved Chicago Cubs. She once bungee jumped off the Zambezi River bridge at Victoria Falls. Her husband chickened out.

SanTara Cassamajor SanTara Cassamajor, Events Lead

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SanTara is a 20+ year beauty professional who finds joy in spreading love, light, and laughter with everyone she meets. You can find her playing on her e-playground (blog) The Gorgeous Ingredient, live-Tweeting her favorite TV shows, and bopping around New England all while rocking the fiercest red lip.

Committee Members

Fiona Chandra
Fiona Chandra, Events Committee

Facebook | Twitter

Originally from Indonesia, Fiona Chandra works as a researcher by day and travels whenever possible. She’s been blogging at for 8 years and loves exploring the world to find food and scuba dive. She lived in Southern California for 12 years and looking forward to showing the WITS crew a good time in Irvine!

Jessi Honard
Jessi Honard, PR/Marketing Committee

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An Ohio native, Jessi co-founded her blog, Outbound Adventurer, with her partner Tara in 2013. She’s been traveling since she was a kid, traversing the country in her parents’ RV, and never says no to a new adventure, particularly of the outdoor variety. As a proud geek, she can be found obsessing over everything from the linguistic roots of Slavic languages to Harry Potter and Animorphs. Her first great passion is writing, and when she isn’t out exploring she’s usually jotting down a new fiction story, roleplaying, or using her teaching background to develop new curriculum.

Kortney Lapeyrolerie
Kortney Lapeyrolerie, PR/Marketing Committee

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Kortney Lapeyrolerie is a world traveler, an activist for social justice, and a content writer for She enjoys the art of slow travel—staying in one place long enough to make a home away from home and truly getting acquainted with new people in a new place. Her interests include intersectional feminism, Barbra Streisand, sequins, and socially conscious travel. Kortney holds a B.A. in Anthropology from New College of Florida, and currently resides in Greenville, SC.

Sara Weiskotten Sara Weiskotten, Events Committee

Sara is a travel enthusiast, coordinator at heart and lover of all things travel related. Based in Boston, she is lucky enough to travel within the States for work, but jumps at the chance to hop across the pond whenever possible. She went on her first 2 week solo trip to Germany and Ireland in 2014 after becoming inspired by a Wanderful-hosted event on the subject the previous year! Sara is also inspired by the idea of traveling within your own city, continually seeking to find all the hidden gems that Boston has to offer!

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