WITS team

Do you love the Women in Travel Summit? Are you a social media maven or PR pro, or do you love planning events and activities? Would you like to be more involved in WITS ‘16? The WITS ‘16 planning team is currently seeking committee members to support our PR/Marketing leads (Ariel and Delia) and our Events leads (SanTara and Ana) as they plan for another amazing summit!

PR/Marketing Committee

The PR/Marketing Committee is looking for volunteers with the following skills and experience:

  • –Experience with managing professional social media campaigns.
  • –Any experience working with and pitching to national and print media is preferred.
  • –Strong writing, editing and/or graphic design skills.
  • –Connections within communities that would benefit from WITS and diversify its offerings are a plus. Individuals with strong ties to tech and entrepreneurship are encouraged to apply. LGBTQ and disabled individuals, people of color, and individuals who identify as part of other marginalized communities are also encouraged to apply.

Potential Duties include:

  • –Researching and pitching to media outlets and journalists.
  • –Creating, proofreading and sending press releases.
  • –Getting WITS ‘16 in local media outlets (calendars, event listings)
  • –Active participation in the WITS ‘16 attendee group on Facebook. We have a great community, and as volunteers, you will be seen as representatives of the team. We do our best to answer questions and concerns quickly, either ourselves or by highlighting them to team members.
  • –Contributing innovative ideas to help spread the word about WITS. We’re always looking to be more effective and reach a wider audience, so we’re looking forward to your great ideas.
  • –Setting up media interviews for Beth, our speakers, and other great people helping put WITS together
  • –Graphic design and promotional image creation
  • –Supporting social media and other campaigns (drafting content, signal boosting, etc)
  • –Banners and printing

Events Committee

The Events Committee is looking for volunteers with the following skills and experience:

  • –Experience with organizing events for small or large groups of people
  • –Any experience participating in or organizing FAM trips and excursions is preferred
  • –Strong communication skills and an eye for detail, willingness to jump in and get your hands dirty
  • –Great creative thinking skills on how to plan awesome activities on a skin-tight budget

Potential Duties include:

  • –Helping organize the WITS Saturday night party
  • –Researching and pitching potential event sponsors, from liquor companies to travel brands looking to make a unique impression on guests during social activities
  • –Setting up, running, and/or cleaning up after social events including but not limited to the Saturday night party, Networking 101 session, Thursday happy hour, and VIP events
  • –Researching and booking venues for social activities
  • –Organizing FAM trips and excursions for bloggers, communicating with destination bureaus and tour operators, maintaining schedule of activities for attendees
  • –Contributing innovative ideas about activities before, during, and after WITS for attendees

Goofing around at the WITS '14 opening party

Goofing around at the WITS ’14 opening party

Responsibilities of all committee members:

  • –Attend all PR/Marketing or Events Committee meetings on Skype. These meetings are one-hour meetings held monthly, then bi-weekly, as we get closer to WITS. If you cannot attend a meeting, you must let your team leads know in advance with updates about what you are working on and what you expect to complete before the next meeting.
  • –Attend WITS team meetings on an as-needed basis to update the team on committee activities
  • –Actively participate in WITS Planning Team group on Facebook.
  • –Actively participate in committee threads and shared documents
  • –Attend WITS ‘16. You cannot participate on the planning team if you will not be present at the summit.

Here’s what we’re looking for in team members:

Sporting our CMUKs at WITS '15

Sporting our CMUKs at WITS ’15

  • –Passionate about travel and our community — WITS is a thriving community and putting on such a massive event is a labor of love. We want to work with people who care about this community and want to help it grow and flourish.
  • –Flexibility — We will meet once a month to discuss Wanderful initiatives. Make sure you have enough time to devote to your duties.
  • –Knowledge of the Women in Travel Summit and the Wanderful network or interest in learning about it.
  • –Strong self-management skills — Because this is a volunteer position, we need women who can take initiative and won’t necessarily wait for direction.
  • –Qualities relevant to the job at hand — The PR team members should have some experience in digital marketing, social media, and public relations. The events team members should have experience or an interest in planning creative, fun events and working with event sponsors or travel companies.
  • –Creativity and problem-solving skills, and the ability to think on your feet and solve challenges as they come. We’re looking for great team players, solid communicators, and critical thinkers.

And, of course, we’re looking for fellow team members who are fun, passionate about travel, and excited to bring the WITS team to new heights!

Benefits to joining a committee:

  • –Free ticket to WITS
  • –Free WITS t-shirt
  • –Endless love and adoration from WITS attendees everywhere
  • –Amazing experience that will add a shimmer to any resume

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to:

Applications for the positions are due July 7th.