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General Questions

Sporting our CMUKs at WITS '15

What is WITS?

WITS (the Women in Travel Summit) is the world’s only summit for women travel influencers, creators, and brands to meet, network, and grow their skills. We help connect women influencers, bloggers, and creators together while simultaneously providing them with great tools, networking opportunities with some top companies looking to work with bloggers, and valuable inspiration and support. WITS is the creation of Wanderful, a global network for women travelers. We help connect women travelers together (and not just bloggers and entrepreneurs either) by providing a safe and trusted forum for them to share travel tips, exchange stories, and just be with a community of women who understand what it is to be a woman abroad. Wanderful members get a discount to WITS as well as a number of other amazing perks like exclusive access to webinars, events in our global chapters, and more, so consider joining our community here.

What kinds of sessions does WITS offer?

Sessions are offered at beginner and advanced levels and will be broken up into multiple tracks. Click here to view last year’s schedule and see the kinds of sessions we offer at WITS.

Who should come to WITS? Do I have to be female to attend?

Every woman influencer who works in the travel space, or ally, is more than welcome to come! You do not have to be a woman to attend, though the summit and all related activities will be focused on women in travel. At the summit you’ll find bloggers, Instagrammers, journalists, travelers, writers, creators, PR/brand representatives, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, developers, coders, videographers and photographers, teachers, and more.

At WITS, we are firmly committed to diversity, intersectionality, and inclusion. We aim to make our events inclusive for attendees of any ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, expression, age, or ability. If you have a suggestion for how we can better accommodate you, we’d love to hear from you!

How can I get involved with WITS?

There are four ways you can get involved:

1) Purchase a ticket. We’d love to see you there!

2) Get your company involved as a brand sponsor or exhibitor.

3) Volunteer with us. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when volunteer opportunities open!

4) Spread the word. Do you know a person, company, or brand who you think should come to WITS? Tell them!

How can I or my company sponsor WITS?

Check out our partnerships kit! We are seeking inspired companies that are interested in growing or enhancing their relationship with women travelers, or working with travel bloggers. Partnership opportunities include online promotions, booth space, giveaways, official parties, coffee hours, tours, and more. The attached kit is just a taste; we encourage you to contact Ana at ana [at] sheswanderful [dot] com to discuss how we can give your brand the exposure it deserves.

If WITS were a wild animal, what would it be?

An orangutan. Seriously.

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Ticketing Questions

women in travel summit by wanderful

What does a ticket to WITS get me?

Access to any session you’d like to attend, entry to all of our official parties and events, Saturday breakfast and lunch, coffee breaks, our famous Sunday Brunch, plus the opportunity to network with amazing influencers and brands, the chance to snag a ticket for some special city tours and events happening over the weekend, and a TON of free swag (seriously, we’re known for our swag). And that’s not even everything! NOTE: General admission tickets do not include access to Blogger 101 Day. You must purchase a ticket that includes “+ Blogger 101 Day” in order to attend.

Which type of ticket should I buy?

Industry tickets are for empowered travel professionals and representatives from travel companies. Media tickets are available at a discount for influencers who will be covering WITS on social media and their websites during the summit. We will also have a limited number of press tickets available for journalists who will be covering WITS in major news publications. If you’d like to inquire about a press ticket, please contact erin [at] sheswanderful [dot] com. You must be able to show proof of employment in order to qualify for a press ticket.

What is Blogger 101 Day?

Blogger 101 Day is an extra pre-conference day of programming specifically designed for attendees who are new to blogging and digital content creation. This is an opportunity for beginner bloggers to get a head start on the exciting and informative sessions taking place during the weekend of WITS. Participants will learn from experienced bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs about the basics of blogging, promotion, and setting themselves up for success as they set off down the path of becoming a travel influencer. Blogger 101 Day will take place on the Friday of WITS. If you’d like to attend Blogger 101 Day, be sure to purchase a ticket that includes “+ Blogger 101 Day.” Have further questions? Learn more here!

What is your ticket refund/cancellation/transfer policy?

“Flash Sale” and “Earliest Bird” tickets to WITS ’19 purchased BEFORE May 15, 2018 may be transferred to another individual NO MORE THAN ONE TIME and ONLY UNTIL March 1, 2019, after which time these tickets are non-transferrable. Ticket transfers may only be requested by completing this form. All “Early Bird” and regular tickets are non-transferrable. WITS and Wanderful are unable to process ticket transfer payments. Individuals buying or selling a ticket must coordinate any transfer of funds individually. Additionally, WITS and Wanderful cannot offer ticket refunds or cancellations at this time. However, for individuals who have purchased a ticket but then are selected to either speak or volunteer, the purchased ticket will be refunded.

I don’t have a credit card/You don’t accept my credit card. Can I still come?

Contact us and we’ll see if we can work it out!

I can’t afford a ticket. What should I do?

A limited number of volunteers will be offered free tickets to WITS in exchange for their service at the event. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when applications open!

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How can I learn more about WITS?

Sign up for our newsletter!

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