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134 N LaSalle St, 5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602
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Arnold Duijzer:


Spark Ventures is an innovative non-profit with a mission to provide sustainable solutions that lift communities out of poverty. The SparkVentures model of business driven philanthropy leverages charitable contributions to fund food and agriculture investments in emerging market social enterprises. The returns from these investments endow high impact social program partners with sustainable revenue to provide education, health and nutrition to the most vulnerable in that country. Measuring impact through job creation, financial and social impact metrics,Spark links economic and community development to help lift communities out of poverty.

Spark VenturesImpact Travel offers an opportunity for travelers to see this groundbreaking social enterprise work up close, to engage in meaningful volunteer work with children and local leaders, and to see cultural and natural highlights of the countries where Spark Ventures works (Zambia & Nicaragua).

Spark Ventures in Action: