Essentials to Have While Sightseeing by Bike at WITS ’18 Written by Wanderful Team on February 28, 2018

Sightseeing by bike is an amazing, immersive experience. To make sure your ride is even more enjoyable, make sure you’ve got all your key essentials with you.

Bike Gear

A simple way to keep yourself safe while riding a bicycle is to always wear a helmet. Helmets are an affordable safety measure and should be offered at all rental shops or hotels you check your bike out from.

Be sure to ask for a lock if your bicycle rental doesn’t already come with one. It’s not fun trying to drag a bike with you as you try to shop for some knickknacks or want to kick back at a café.

Multitool: A multitool will allow you to raise and lower your seat if it doesn’t have a quick release. While a bike shop will usually fit your bike while you are at the shop, you’ll want to take a multitool with you to make adjustments as needed. They’re super portable and will make your ride more comfortable (and enjoyable!).

Other Essentials

Your phone is a great way to make sure you are on course, but can also be a safety tool, in case you need to call someone for a tow. Let’s not forget it’s also a high def camera and is your perfect memory capturing tool.

Portable phone charger. While we are at it, best to keep that phone charged.

You can’t always rely on your GPS or your phone battery, so always bring a physical map. Grab one from your hotel or the bike rental shop and give it a quick scan before you head out.

Identification and payment. Stash a copy of your passport, a credit card and some cash in your backpack or saddlebag.

If you are going on a long ride, staying fueled is important. Keep a granola bar on hand in case hunger strikes.

Staying hydrated is vital. You’ll be doing at least some physical activity, likely under the sun, so make sure you’ve got enough water to keep you going.

Your body is directly exposed to the sun for a long period of time while you are outside on your bike. Be sure to protect yourself, even when it is cloudy from those UV-Rays.

Selfie stick or GoPro. How else are you going to capture the amazing city that you will be immersed in?


Moisture wicking material is a great option for a long bicycle ride. If you plan on going over 10 miles, get suited up in your full athletic gear. If you are just going for a short ride on the beach, you can keep it casual. We recommend to always wear longer shorts to prevent chaffing. This is based on painful experience.

Weather gear. Check the weather before you head out for the day! Make sure you bring a packable rain jacket if there’s a chance of rain. Wear layers for when it gets cooler or warmer throughout the day.


Bike Shorts: Bike shorts help keep your bum padded while on the bicycle. While bicycle shorts may feel weird at first, if you are going on a long ride wearing bike shorts will make you (and your bum) a happy traveler the next day. Again, based on painful experience.

Important accessories

Not only do sunglasses filter out harmful UV rays, they also protect your eyes from the wind.

Keep the sweat out of your eyes and add a fun looking headband to sit under your helmet. This well keep you cool and focused.

Backpack or bike bag. Pack all your vitals in a backpack or bike bag. It can also double as a seat for an impromptu picnic!

Pro tip: Leave the purse at home. A purse can easily get tangled up in your bike and trip you up, so leave the purse at home or stick it in your backpack.

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