Written by Alana Simpson

If you’ve been following WITS for a while now, you’ll know that we created the Ambassador Program for WITS ’15. This program is a team of women from all over the world who are dedicated to promoting WITS in their local community.

WITS ’14 was a huge success, and for this year we want it to be bigger and better but also much more international. This is where the Ambassador Program comes in. After a few months of applications, interviews and discussions, we have finally confirmed our team!

We are so excited to introduce our lovely WITS ’15 Ambassadors!

This wonderful ladies hail from all over the place and are so incredibly excited to share WITS  with the world. Here are a few introductions so you can get to know them better!

melina_sydneyMelina Helm – Spain

Melina is all about languages, with a background in Translation and fluency in 5 languages. Coming from a multi-cultural family, she has always been interested in languages and communications.

When she’s not learning new languages, she’s busy rock climbing!

Valencia Davillier Jackson – United StatesHeadhsot2

Valencia is our go-to photography girl. She works in PR and does a lot of travel photography on the side. She’s incredibly enthusiastic and can’t wait to get started on the team.

She’s got contacts all around the world and she’s all over all things social media.

head shotSamantha Jenkins – United Kingdom

Samantha is super passionate about women’s travel. She is a fierce advocate for independent travel and doesn’t believe it should be restricted by gender.

Hailing from the UK, she hopes to bring some WITS charm to the isles, and engage the women’s travel community across the pond.

Polyana de Oliveira – Brazil2441242

Our Brazilian social media guru! She’s a big believer in female leadership in tourism and wants to help build innovation in that sector in Brazil. She is so excited to build a WITS community in Brazil!

She loves networking and heading out to travel meetups, being the head of the Travel Massive meetup in São Paulo.

IMG_2550Lola Wong – Peru

Lola is one of our two Peruvian Ambassadors. She takes great joy in helping friends and family plan their travels, making sure they have the most amazing experience.

She’s an organizational queen with lots of event planning under her belt. She’s rip-roaring to go and bring the Peruvian charm to WITS!

Rosa Maria Guzman – Peru2014-02-02_14-52-50_878

Rosa is the second of our Peruvian ladies and she’s an avid traveller and backpacker. She wishes to shed some light on solo female travellers in Peru to, hopefully, help break the taboo against it.

She’s passionate about helping her community and uniting people for a good cause. She’s looking forward to expanding her network and meeting all sorts of new people at WITS.

20140316_165136Jessica Opoku-amoah – Canada

Jessica is a first generation Canadian with a Ghanaian background. An avid traveller, she is ready to start promoting WITS to her local community. Training to be a travel agent, she was happy to find an organization which would help her gain experience in her field of choice.

Having attended WITS last year, she wanted to get more out of the experience so she decided to apply for the Ambassador program to help us make it bigger, better and even more international this year!

Joanna Riquett – CanadaJoannaRiquet

Founder of Hayo Magazine, Joanna is quite familiar with WITS and Go Girl Travel Network, in general. Some of her passions include helping women support each other, facilitating a positive atmosphere.

Originally from Colombia, she’s eager to work with her networks in both Colombia and Canada to spread the WITS word. She thinks WITS is wonderful because it provides that supportive atmosphere she is so passionate about.

headshot1Elena Nikolovska – Macedonia

Elena is all about the media. Coming from Macedonia, a budding country in terms of tourism, she is so excited to bring WITS to her country and the Balkans!

Having helped organize Festival of Vegan Food for the past two years, she’s got all sorts of contacts and knows her way around different media channels. She’s rearing to be a part of the WITS team.


Be on the look out for these fantastic ladies over the next couple of months. We’re rearing to go and will be doing some really awesome stuff over the next couple of months!

See you at WITS ’15 in Boston!