Meet Women Travelers in Austin, Phoenix, Vancouver, New York, and Seattle!

Wanderful’s strength is in our community of adventurous, independent, and globally minded women from around the world. We gather online for monthly #Wanderful Twitter chats, share our travel tips in our global Facebook group, share our homes with each other abroad, and connect face-to-face through our global chapters. And at the annual Women in Travel Summit, influencers, creators, and industry executives come together for a weekend of professional growth and sisterhood. And we love it when we get to expand our community to new places (or revisit ones we haven't been in a while).

So, we're excited to announce the creation of our 22nd, 23rd, and 24th global chapters in Austin, Phoenix, and Vancouver. We're also incredibly excited to announce the re-launch of two of our veteran chapters in New York and Seattle.

We are jetsetters, expats, and young (or young at heart), professional, globally minded women. We believe in getting involved in the world around us, whether through travel, volunteering, or global awareness -- and we believe in the power of an internationally connected community to do it. Join us in these five cities (and around the world) for coffee dates, lectures, workshops, dinners out, and other things for women globetrotters. Find a chapter in your city or start your own here! Read More