Breastfeeding in Public Abroad: What You Should Know

Before becoming a mother -- and throughout my pregnancy -- I was adamant that I wouldn’t give up my favorite hobbies and pastimes: Reasonably frequent travel, relaxing in parks, travel writing, editing, and chatting with friends in cafes. Of course, adding a child into the mix would change things a bit, but I dreaded feeling stuck at home. And luckily, my adopted home of Vilnius, Lithuania has an excellent coffee scene.

So, less than two weeks after giving birth, my husband and I decided to bring our new son on a visit to a nearby cafe.

Thinking that feeding the baby before leaving would be sufficient, we popped him into his stroller as he slept, and took a short stroll in the park before hitting a cafe. Pretty much as soon as we stopped walking and sat down with coffee and cake, he woke up. Loudly. No amount of comforting and rocking could help. Read More